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‘No jabs? No fun’: Queensland targets unvaccinated in tough new Covid ad campaign

One state has put unvaccinated residents in the crosshairs as it kicks off a tough new campaign warning residents of the freedoms they will lose.

Queensland is dangling the threat of lost freedoms and “no fun” in front of unvaccinated residents in a brutal new ad campaign as the state prepares to reopen borders.

The state government on Tuesday will launch a new media blitz telling residents that they risk being banned from the pub, the footy, festivals and cinemas if they haven’t got the jab when visitors start arriving from interstate.

Queensland’s borders are set to drop for vaccinated arrivals on December 17 at the latest, with an even earlier reopening possible as the state eyes the 80 per cent double-dose target up to 11 days before the original deadline.

Those who are fully vaccinated and with proof of a negative test from within 72 hours of travel will be allowed into the state without quarantining, with the state government accepting that it will likely lead to a spike in case numbers.

To help keep a lid on any spread, a government spokesman told The Courier Mail that, from Tuesday, a range of billboards and digital media would feature the message “No jabs? No pubs, no gigs, no footy, no movies and no festivals” for unvaccinated people.

“More and more Queenslanders are getting vaccinated every day, but there is still a long way to go,” he said.

“This campaign will remind people about the rewards of getting vaccinated and direct them to a web page where they can book an appointment. Those who are vaccinated will be able to enjoy more freedoms than those who are unvaccinated after December 17.”

Queensland has 84.6 per cent of people with at least one dose of the vaccine and 73.4 per cent with two doses.

The new campaign comes as Prime Minister Scott Morrison doubles down on his criticism of Queensland’s proposed ban on unvaccinated people from hospitality venues.

“If venues, businesses, airlines, other places of work seek to require of their employees to be vaccinated, they have that right under the law,” Mr Morrison said.

“But it is not the commonwealth government’s policy that they should be told to do that, wherever that is in the country.

“We support mandatory vaccines for health workers, for aged care workers, for disability workers, those who are working with vulnerable people.”

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has also defended a plan to force those entering Queensland from mid-December to spend almost $150 on Covid-19 tests.

Entry requirements from Covid hot spots at 80 per cent:

  • Travellers can arrive by air or road
  • Must be fully vaccinated
  • Have a negative Covid test in the 72 hours before travel
  • No quarantine required

Entry requirements when Queensland reaches 90 per cent vaccinated:

  • Quarantine limited to unvaccinated only
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