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Andy Meddick’s transgender daughter Kielan attacked on the street

The daughter of a Victorian MP was hospitalised after an attack on the street, and the MP has “reason to believe” it’s linked to his job.

Victorian MP Andy Meddick has revealed his daughter was hospitalised after being attacked on the street, and he has “reason to believe this could be linked” with his role as an MP just days after wild protests sawy nooses paraded by demonstrators outside parliament.

The Geelong-based MP recently emerged as a key target for protesters after he declared his support for the passage of the state government’s proposed pandemic legislation.

He previously revealed he had received threats that his family would be “exposed to snipers and kidnappers” if he voted in support of the proposed pandemic laws.

On Friday, he revealed the shock news that his daughter Kielan was the target of a violent attack that left her hospitalised.

“Like many others, I’ve been desperately worried by the threats and intimidation that have been levelled at me and my family, as well as my staff and of course my colleagues,” Mr Meddick said.

“And now, those worst fears have turned to reality. Last night, my beautiful daughter Kielan was attacked on the street. I was with her in the hospital into the early hours. My deepest gratitude is with those nearby who helped her when she was most in need, and to the wonderful carers and health workers who treated her since.

“I have reason to believe this could be linked to my role as an MP and the positions I have taken on the pandemic response. The police are investigating and I won’t be making any further comment to protect the privacy and dignity of my family.”

Mr Meddick asked the community and politicians to reflect on the fact that the risk of incitement was real.

His disclosure sparked immediate bipartisan support, with federal Liberal frontbencher Jane Hume declaring the attack “unacceptable”.

“Threats and violence are not acceptable in any part of our society, including in our political system, irrespective of political views. My best wishes to Kielan for a speedy recovery,” Ms Hume said.

Mr Meddick has repeatedly raised fears that Victoria was on the verge of violence, pointing to the recent death of British MP Sir David Amess, who was assassinated.

“We need to be really careful. It’s time now for the parliament to say, while it won’t be necessary 24 hours a day, the capacity should be there to ramp up security – even if it’s personal – for all MPs and staff,” he said.

“There’s a lesson to be learnt from what we saw overseas. They didn’t think it would happen until it actually did.”

His office was previously sent a letter which contained a condom with the words “enjoy some of my fresh herpes”.

“Andy Med-dick, why are you supporting dictator Dan’s pandemic bill?” it read.

“You are a f***ing c***! Betrayed all vegans and freedoms that we have you c***. You claim to stand for us, but you are a dildo to dictator Dan’s b*** hole!”

The anonymous letter also made offensive references to Mr Meddick’s openly transgender children.

Mr Meddich has campaigned for LGBTQI rights for years and recently, last year, announced the “birth” of his transgender daughter Kielan.

“Both our children are trans and both are perfect,” he said.

“A lot has been going on lately – lockdown, parliamentary inquiries, fighting the never-ending battles that the animals we share our planet with endure on a daily basis.

“During all of this, and indeed for years, our eldest Kielan has been on a journey. One that is unique and personal, and one that (with permission of course) I’m now proud to share with you all.

“Just like our youngest (Eden), Kielan has been searching for understanding of who they really are. And so now I’m pleased to announce the arrival of my daughter Kielan, aged 25 years. Your mum, brother and I are proud of you, we love you. And no, I’m not paying your phone bill.”

However, when his youngest child Eden came out as transgender, Mr Meddick admitted he had been “completely unprepared”.

As a parent

“Look into your hearts, feel their pain,” Mr Meddick said in a speech urging his colleagues to vote in favour of reforms to the birth certificate gender change law.

“Doing all you can, as a parent (of a transgender child), isn’t anywhere near enough, when the law isn’t on your side or their side,” he said in August of 2019.

“They are a part of your family, and your community. And they deserve the right to stand proudly as who they are, like everyone else. With a legal document that allows them to get a driver’s license or open a bank account or obtain a passport and travel as who they are.

“We can never move forward with acceptance for trans people unless they can be legally recognised as their true selves. I want each and every child, adult, parent going through this to know, you are not alone.

“We must lift up and support young transgender people, because the rate of self-harm and suicide among them is the highest in our community. And it’s all because of the arguments of hate and hysteria, of closed mindedness, of values that are no longer relevant to our modern world.”


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