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Anthony Albanese condemns Scott Morrison for being too slow to call out violent threats by extremist protesters at Melbourne rally

Labor has ramped up attacks against Prime Minister Scott Morrison for being too slow to call out ugly antics by extremist protesters.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has attacked Prime Minister Scott Morrison for failing to call out threats of violence from extremists at the Melbourne protests.

The Opposition Leader accused Mr Morrison of being too slow to respond to ugly threats made at last week’s rally against Victoria’s proposed pandemic laws that included storming parliament and a disturbing makeshift gallows with a replica of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews placed onto it.

“I hold the Prime Minister responsible for failing to call out, unequivocally, the violent and extreme comments that are made, the taking of gallows, the threatening of Labor MPs and premiers and independents, the fact that so many MPs have to have security at the moment,” Mr Albanese told ABC Radio National on Monday.

“And there is always a but. We heard it again from Simon Birmingham. Barnaby Joyce, this morning, we heard as well.

“The Prime Minister should be capable of just showing leadership, not being weak, and saying that these comments and this behaviour is unacceptable in Australia in 2021.

“These images require national leadership because we know where they can end.”


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