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Anti-vaxxer mum complains Victoria schools vaccine mandate

An anti-vaxxer mum has attempted to lead a charge of parents against new Covid rules requiring school visitors to be fully vaccinated.

Debate is raging among parents of a school community in Victoria over the introduction of new rules requiring all adults that enter school grounds to be vaccinated.

From November 29, all adults must have received two Covid-19 jabs if they want access to any event or activity inside a school building, in line with Victorian government guidelines.

Exemptions apply for non-vaccinated adults in a small number of circumstances, like administering their child’s medication or picking up an art project.

“Parents and carers attending any event or activity inside a school building or grounds including, but not limited to, tours, graduations, kindergarten transition [and] whole school events are required to show evidence of vaccination,” Department of Education rules state.

The mandate has been lambasted by a handful of peeved mums in Victoria, with one complaining that enforcing the rule was an example of “segregation”.

“If anyone else is not happy with the new rules please contact me. I am not standing for segregation and all these rules and I have a group of parents that are pulling their kids from school until this is over,” she wrote in a post to Facebook.

A few others were also upset about the rules, describing them “disgusting” and “discrimination”.

Some even claimed they would continue homeschooling their children for as long as the mandate continued.

“As a mum of six kids this is all an absolute joke. We need too stand up and defend ourselves so our kids can have a decent future, the freedom they were born with,” one wrote.

“Time to consider home schooling. We will never be ‘back to normal’,” another said.

Others were notably frustrated at the push-back, and implored anti-vax parents to consider their childrens’ best interests before pulling them out of school.

“Check your first world privileges. People are dying. Get the jab or don’t attend. And get on with life,” one woman wrote.

“Sorry but I’m all for getting back to normal as fast as possible. It’s been hard enough for our kids as it is,” another said.

“It is what it is. I’m just glad my child is in school at this point. Home schooling was tough enough,” a third wrote.

Several accused the anti-vaxxer crowd of disadvantaging their kids out of selfishness.

“This actually isn’t about you it’s about your child. What will happen when you pull your child out of school? Pretty selfish. It’s DET rules and we have to live with them,” one wrote.

The rules are the same for public schools in NSW, where adults will not be allowed onto a school or early education and care site without showing evidence of being fully vaccinated.

The November 29 full vaccination cut-off also applies to education staff in Victoria, with those in NSW having been required to be fully vaccinated by November 8.

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