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Australia hits 80 per cent vaccine target, what happens now

Australia has hit a major vaccine milestone, with double-dose rates now higher than Israel and the United States.

Australia has hit a major vaccine milestone on Saturday, with 80 per cent of eligible adults aged over 16 are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

After a tumultuous start to the vaccine rollout, Australia is now one of the most vaccinated countries in the OECD, with double-dose rates in over 16s now higher than Israel and the United States.

The milestone comes a day after Victoria and NSW brought down state borders and began allowing free travel within the two states for fully vaccinated residents.

Victoria, NSW and the ACT have already passed their individual 80 per cent double dose targets, while Queensland and WA are days away from reaching 80 per cent first dose milestones.

In a recorded message to all Australians, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the milestone was “magnificent”.

“How good is that,” he said.

“There’s now been 35 million doses. This has been a true Australian national effort.

“Cities and suburbs, towns and hospitals and pharmacies. Aged care facilities and disability home, (and) there’s been the pop up clinics. We’ve been in remote indigenous communities, army barracks and stadiums … all kinds of locations, all across our amazing country.

“A big thanks goes to our nurses, doctors, our healthcare workers and pharmacists … everyone who’s been involved in this extraordinary effort including local councils and state and territory governments.”

Mr Morrison said a special shout out needed to go to older Australians, with more than 99 per cent of over 70s have had a first dose, and over 90 per cent are fully vaccinated.

“Australians haven’t just kept themselves safe, we’ve kept each other safe,” Mr Morrison said

“ I know it has felt like a long journey … It has been. But together, we’ve saved well over 30,000 lives.

“ … I know that has come at a great cost. Families have been separated, businesses and livelihoods closed, schools disrupted. But that sacrifice is the price we all decided to pay for being a caring, generous and supportive country.

“From me, a big thank you. (But) it’s not over yet.”

And, in a special message to those Australians yet to receive a jab, Mr Morrison asked them to “be a part of this”.

“We all need to take this path back to normal life together,” he said.

“Well done Australia … Enjoy this moment, you’ve worked really hard to get there. Congratulations and thank you.”

The milestone comes as the national booster shot program ramps up, with more than 150,000 doses administered in the last two weeks.


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