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Byron Bay: Anonymous note left on van sparks heated online debate

A Byron Bay resident has sparked a heated debate after venting his frustrations over a neighbour that left multiple anonymous notes on his van.

A Byron Bay resident has called out his neighbour for repeatedly leaving passive aggressive notes, with his online post sparking a heated debate.

The local shared photos to Byron Bay’s community Facebook page on Thursday of two notes he claimed had recently been left on his van.

One typed note accused the man of illegally camping in his vehicle.

“No camping. A photo of your vehicle and registration has been sent to authorities,” the note reads.

“Large fines apply.”

Another handwritten letter labels the man’s parking “illegal and dangerous” and directed him to read NSW’s road rules around parking near an intersection.

“You should be 10m from (the) intersection. You are obstructing visibility. Please be considerate,” the note states.

Clearly fed up with the anonymous notes, the driver took to Facebook to air his frustrations with the community.

“To the person who always leaves a note on my van, I would like to invite you for a cup of tea and work in my veggie garden … because definitely you don’t have anything else to do…,” he wrote.

“My address is right in the house where it was parked the last 4 months.”

He then advised the note leaver to “grow up”.

The post attracted a lot of interest from other Facebook users, with many agreeing with the driver that anonymous note leaving was unwarranted.

“Yeah. that person definitely needs some damn camomile,” one person wrote.

“God I used to get these on my van all the time simply because it’s a van. They assume you’re sleeping in it,” another said.

One woman labelled anonymous notes “gutless” but added that she couldn’t live with herself if someone got injured because she had parked too close to the intersection and caused an accident.

Other users sided with the note leaver, pointing out the man had provided no photos to prove his van was parked correctly.

“I’m sure it won’t be popular but I don’t understand what’s wrong with this. They’ve asked you (according to you) many times to change but you’re not willing because … because you’ve been parking like that for 4 months?” one person said.

“I understand that you’re parked in front of your house, but there are many other houses on (or around) corners in the world, and living in one of them doesn’t make you entitled to block the view. Speaking about growing up, huh..?”

Another added: “Seems fair, maybe you need to be more considerate of others”.


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