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Covid-19 NT: Michael Gunner’s spat on anti-vaxxers, two new local Covid-19 cases

One leader has lost his temper, dubbing anyone who championed against the Covid-19 vaccine as anti-vaxxers and telling them to ‘shove it’.

The Northern Territorian leader has had a heated spat about anti-vaxxers, telling people who supported others not to get the Covid-19 jab to “shove it” even if they had it themselves.

Michael Gunner was pressed about his stance on anti-vaxxers at Monday’s press conference, becoming visibly irritated and quick to raise his voice.

The Chief Minister dubbed any person who supported or championed others not to get the jab an anti-vaxxer, regardless if they themselves were double dosed or not.

“If you give a green light, give comfort to, support anybody who argues against the vaccine, you are an anti-vaxxer. Your personal vaccination statues is utterly irrelevant,” he began.

“There are people actually supporting the idea of a teacher being unvaccinated in a remote community classroom with kids who can’t be vaccinated. I reject it.

“If you’re out there in any way, shape or form campaigning against the mandate, then you are absolutely anti-vax.”

During his heated rant, Mr Gunner said the vaccination mandate was “absolutely critical” to saving lives.

“If you say pro-persuasion, stuff it. Shove it. We are absolutely going to make sure as many Territorians as possible are vaccinated,” he said.

“I will never back away from supporting vaccines, and anyone out there who comes for the mandate, you are anti-vax.”

New cases and lockdown announcements

Two new local Covid-19 cases were recorded in Katherine on Monday; one being a 67-year-old-man and the other a 33-year-old mother who was a close contact of a confirmed case.

Her child has tested negative twice so far.

Mr Gunner said her positive test could explain why there were continual positive traces in Bicentennial Rd wastewater catchment area, but it was “highly likely” other positive cases were in the area.

He also announced Robinson River would immediately move out of its lockdown and into a lockout, allowing only fully vaccinated people to leave their homes.

It is expected to lift on or around December 1, two weeks from when the last positive case was detected in the community.

Mr Gunner said the Katherine lockdown would be extended for an extra 48 hours because authorities were still waiting on 1300 tests and there was a “highly likely” chance at least one more case was within the community that had not yet been picked up.

“We are still expecting more positive cases,” he said.

“I know it is not the news that people in Katherine wanted today, but I also know you don’t want to leave lockdown too soon only to go back into lockdown straight after.

“I promise you are nearly there.”

A third case was also detected on Monday in an international arrival in quarantine.

New Covid-19 exposure sites in Katherine

The Centrelink in Katherine has been listed as a new close contact site.

Those who visited the Second St office between 9.40am and 10.30am on Monday, November 15 are required to undergo testing and self-isolate for 14 days.

Anyone who has been to one of the following sites during the allocated times is considered a casual contact and must get tested and stay isolated until a negative test has been received:

  • Coles Express at 30 Katherine Terrace on Thursday, November 18 from 10.25am to 10.45am
  • Commonwealth Bank at 19 Katherine Terrace on Monday, November 15 from 11am to 11.30am
  • Katherine Central Shopping Centre at Katherine Terrace on Friday, November 19 from 4.30pm to 5.30pm
  • Woolworths at 5 Katherine Terrace on Thursday, November 18 from 10am to 10.20am and Friday, November 19 from 5pm to 5.20pm


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