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Covid-19 Qld: Anti-vaxxer causes chaos at Queensland Covid presser

A woman who gatecrashed a Queensland coronavirus press conference made a series of wild claims about the vaccine and its supposed effect on her friends.

The look on the face of Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said it all as an anti-vaxxer gatecrashed her Covid press conference in North Queensland on Thursday.

Ms D’Ath was 20 minutes into a live presser in Cairns when a woman in a floppy hat rolled up and started yelling at her.

The woman – who appeared to be filming the incident on her phone – interrupted Ms D’Ath and made a series of wild claims about the vaccine and its supposed effect on her friends.

Ms D’Ath was composed and tried to calm the gatecrasher down: “So lady, I’m happy to talk to you but …”

“I have a voice, you’ve said enough!” the woman yelled.

The press conference was then cut short.

“Well, aren’t you a nice lady!” the woman shouted after Ms D’Ath, who was in town to visit the Mossman Gorge pop-up vaccination hub and encourage people to get the jab.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk on Thursday said there were three new locally acquired cases in Queensland, all in the border community of Goondiwindi.

One case is connected to a known cluster, while another case has been in the community for five days. Both are unvaccinated.

An infected woman in her 30s was also in the community for four days and had one dose of the vaccine.

Mayor Lawrence Springborg on Wednesday night said the “rapidly evolving” situation included a positive case from NSW being flown from Goondiwindi Hospital to a specialised Covid ward in Queensland’s southeast.

The new case broke a streak of Covid-free days for the Sunshine State and was separate from the infected truck driver who passed through town on Sunday before moving on to NSW.

In a statement, Mr Springborg noted the increasing Covid cluster in the nearby NSW town of Moree and said he was waiting for further Queensland health advice on travel restrictions.

“As a border community, this is the very situation for which we have been so steadfastly preparing,” he said.

A number of new exposure sites were also listed for Goondiwindi on Wednesday after an infected truckie passed through the town at the weekend. He was at the town’s Kmart, Coles, and a BP truck stop over two hours from 10am to noon.

Working in favour of the Goondiwindi region is having the highest vaccination rate in the state.

“At 81.5 per cent fully vaccinated our community has done all it can do to prepare and I am confident that this will serve us well,” Mr Springborg said.

“The great irony is that we may never fully realise the success of our region’s vaccination rate, as we will only ever know the number of positive cases and not how many were prevented.”

He said council had taken every opportunity to advocate to ensure that there was no disruption to the harvest, and council staff had been asked to limit their interactions with others.

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