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Covid-19 SA: Border restrictions for Byron Bay

One state says its border restrictions for the tourist mecca of Byron Bay won’t ease like they will for the rest of NSW for this reason.

All but one local government area across NSW and Victoria have reached an 80 per cent vaccination rate, meaning all double-jabbed travellers from those areas can enter South Australia when its borders open next week.

Premier Steven Marshall made the announcement on Friday morning ahead of the borders opening to all jurisdictions on November 23.

According to Mr Marshall, Byron Bay in NSW is the only LGA that has not yet reached that minimum target.

“They’re only just below that 80 per cent,” he said.

“We hope they can get to that (percentage).”

Mr Marshall said SA wasn’t “opening the floodgates” to everyone and was only allowing those who were fully vaccinated and had returned a negative test result at least 72 hours before arriving.

Everyone coming in will also need to complete an entry check form.

Those without a vaccination will need to complete 14 days of quarantine.

“We know that this has caused enormous frustration for people who haven’t been sure (if) they can come in from next Tuesday,” Mr Marshall said.

“We are expecting a very significant increase in the amount of testing which we envisage will need to be done in SA.

“We are good to go. We’ve made all the necessary precautions, now we need to have Australians continue to get vaccinated as we head towards the end of year.”

There was mass confusion after it was revealed earlier this week that a “statistical anomaly” in vaccination data could affect travel from Melbourne and Sydney.

Authorities believed the vaccination data from those two capital cities was incorrect because it was based on 2016 population figures. Since then large number of residents and international students have fled the capital cities due to the Covid pandemic.

“We had a situation with an anomaly with the statistics because there were some LGAs, like Melbourne, Sydney and Randwick where they had a high student population which was included in that denominator.

“All of that has been worked through now … I know there will be a huge relief for people from Sydney and Melbourne who were anxious about whether this anomaly could be reconciled.”

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