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Covid-19 SA: Police forced to take leave under new vaccination direction

Under a new direction that began today, hundreds of police employees could be forced to take leave if they haven’t had at least one Covid-19 vaccination.

Hundreds of South Australian Police employees could be forced to take leave now that the deadline for all staff to have at least one Covid-19 jab has passed.

New laws came into effect at 12.01am on Monday, forcing all unvaccinated employees to step back from the front line if they haven’t received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens is also the state co-ordinator that passed the Covid-19 direction last month that is now impacting his staff.

He said SA Police was operating with about 200 employees but it was “too early” to tell how many would be taking leave because of their vaccination choice.

“It’s still too early for us to tell just how many individuals will be affected by that, in terms of their decision not to be vaccinated,” Mr Stevens said.

“Some of those people may still be on leave or are considering their position in relation to that, so at this point in time we‘re working with a number of around 200 police staff plus some public servants.

“It will be some time before we know the exact number of people who are electing not to be vaccinated and accessing other leave requirements as a result.”

Under the directions of the Emergency Management Act, all sworn and unsworn SA Police employees must have at least one dose of the vaccine and, if they aren’t already fully vaccinated, must have evidence of a booking to receive their second jab.

They must also prove their vaccination status if it is requested.

Those with legitimate vaccination exemptions can continue with their employment but they must provide a copy as proof.

The same vaccination rules apply to other frontline roles such as healthcare, where workers needed to have their first jab by November 8 or they faced the same fate.

SA Police employed more than 6000 people as of June 30 this year.


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