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Covid-19 Victoria: Dining vouchers to help Melbourne CBD recovery

Huge discounts are being offered to Victorians in a desperate attempt to get people back into Melbourne’s struggling CBD.

A round of $150 dining vouchers will be aimed at luring Victorians back into Melbourne’s devastated CBD in a bid to help struggling businesses.

The state government and Melbourne City Council on Sunday announced the revamped Melbourne Money scheme, offering more than 200,000 rebates to people who dine at city restaurants, cafes and bars.

The incentive scheme was launched for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend and generated $40m in revenue for hospitality venues in the CBD during June and July.

Midweek Melbourne Money will offer diners 30 per cent of their money back, up from 20 per cent, for bills of up to $150.

From November 15, those dining in the CBD between Monday and Thursday will be offered the rebate when they spend between $50 and $500.

“It’s important that we’re doing everything we can to bring workers back to the city,” Lord Mayor Sally Capp said.

“We see the Midweek Melbourne Money as absolutely key for encouraging workers to come in to stay, to dwell, to dine.

“(The Melbourne Money scheme) showed us that people came back (to the CBD) three times faster than previous bounce backs.”

Months of Covid-19 lockdowns since March last year have caused many businesses to shut in the CBD, sparking fresh ideas to reinvigorate the city.

The $5m scheme will apply to all restaurants, cafes and bars serving meals across the City of Melbourne.

Diners will need to upload a photo of their itemised bill to the Melbourne Money website to be reimbursed within five business days.

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