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Dashcam captures Darwin street fight and wrecked Holden Rodeo

Two men were filmed by a motorist’s dashcam in the heat of an impassioned confrontation on a median strip in Darwin’s outskirts.

Two men have been captured in a bizarre late-night street fight on a remote median strip in the Northern Territory.

The rogue dispute unfolded after the car they were in, a Holden Rodeo, came to a screeching stop on Vanderlin Drive in Darwin.

The unruly scene was captured by the dashcam of a car as it pulled up to the main road, with one of the vehicle’s doors becoming unhinged and dropping to the ground as the passenger jumped out.

He was then shown running to the other side of the car and confronting the driver, before the disgruntled pair began yelling at and shoving each other.

“F*** I’ve got some random s*** going on in front of me here. F*** me dead, Vanderlin Drive, two dudes about to try and kill each other,” the dashcam owner was heard saying.

The men appeared to embrace each other at one point, however the nature of the contact was unclear.

“They don’t know whether to hug each other or kill each other,” the person recording said, adding that not only had the passenger door fallen off, but the windscreen was also smashed.

As the passenger attempted to close the broken door, a police vehicle approached the scene from the opposite direction.

The Rodeo sped away from the scene with the broken door dragging along the ground, leaving two passengers behind.

“And they’re off and racing, they’ve taken off, it’s all happening,” the dashcam owner said.

Dashcam footage captured shortly after showed the Rodeo being pulled onto the back of a tow truck from a roadside ditch.

A police officer was heard saying the driver had received a number of injuries to his shoulder as a result of his seatbelt.

“Not too serious but did require paramedics to transport him up to the Royal Darwin Hospital where he’s being looked after at the moment,” they said.

Footage was uploaded to the YouTube channel of Dash Cam Owners Australia on Sunday where it quickly amassed 170,000 views and close to 770 comments.


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