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FedEx strike: Parcel delays as workers walk off job across Australia

Thousands of transport delivery workers have again walked off the job in a move that will likely trigger widespread parcel delivery delays.

Thousands of workers at a major parcel delivery service have walked off the job across the country as talks for a workplace agreement broke down.

Deliveries were almost certain to be affected as thousands of FedEx workers began a 24-hour strike at 1am on Monday.

It’s the latest strike in a troubled few months for the parcel delivery industry, with several companies and workers standing off over work conditions and outsourcing.

In a statement, Transport Workers Union national secretary Michael Kaine said workers had paused industrial action last week due to an agreement nearly being reached, until talks broke down on Thursday.

Mr Kaine claimed FedEx attempted to “extend the agreement”, and then refused to negotiate again on Friday, sparking this week’s strike.

“FedEx is determined to trample all over its workforce trying to achieve job security and parity with their counterparts across the industry,” he said.

“Although FedEx raked in record profits above US$5 billion last year, it is going to great lengths to swindle workers out of an agreement which secures their future and allows them to catch up to other major transport operators like Toll and Linfox.

“FedEx workers’ good faith has been twisted, exploited and spat back at them. Six other transport operators have settled fair agreements in the last two weeks, but FedEx is determined to keep its foot on workers’ necks.”

FedEx workers agreed to defer negotiations for 12 months in 2020 to support the company during the pandemic.

But Mr Kaine said demand boomed, where In June, the transport giant reported record revenues at US$84 billion and net income over US$5 billion.

Thousands of StarTrack workers walked off the job last week, calling for an end to the outsourcing of work.

FedEx has been contacted for comment.


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