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Gippsland woman quizzed about alleged murder victim Jarrad Lovison

New claims have been aired in court about a love triangle in the months before a Victorian man disappeared and was allegedly murdered.

Months before Victorian man Jarrad Lovison disappeared and was allegedly murdered, he broke his love rival’s arm and slept with the man’s girlfriend, a court has heard.

Angela O’Brien was quizzed at a committal hearing in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday into the alleged murder of her former partner Mr Lovison.

Three people – Samantha Guillerme, Jake Brown and Andrew Price – are charged with murder in relation to the 37-year-old’s death. The trio will enter a plea at the end of the hearing.

Ms O’Brien told the court she started seeing 47-year-old Mr Price after her 12-year relationship ended with the alleged victim in 2019.

Her ex became “a bit jealous” of the new relationship and the nearly seven-foot-tall Mr Lovison broke her beau’s arm at her home around October 2019, she said.

The conflict between the men was “one-sided” and Mr Lovison was “not being very nice” to Mr Price, she said.

“Jarrod slashed his (Mr Price’s) tyres,” Ms O’Brien told the court.

Mr Price would just get on with it, she said of his response after incident.

Ms O’Brien told the court she slept with Mr Lovison in February 2020 at the same time she was in a relationship with her new boyfriend.

She said Mr Price “didn’t 100 per cent know” she had sex with her former partner.

“I’d been there and he (Mr Price) knew I had been there, but he didn’t know I had slept with him,” she said.

The court heard Mr Lovison tried to convince her to get back together with him and she blocked his number.

Mr Lovison disappeared from East Gippsland in April last year and his remains were found weeks later at Moondarra State Park, 25km from where he was last seen alive.

It’s alleged the three accused conspired to kill the deceased by luring him to a remote location and “either forcing, threatening or tricking him” into ingesting a large quantity of GHB.

The 10 day hearing in front of magistrate Andrew Capell continues on Tuesday.


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