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Gladys Berejiklian heckled by conspiracy theorist in Sydney CBD | Video

Video posted to social media shows a conspiracy theorist following Gladys Berejiklian through the CBD as he heckles her about the “scamdemic”.

Former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has been harassed by a conspiracy theorist while shopping in the Sydney CBD.

The disturbing footage was posted to Instagram by Dominic Karnaby, an anti-vaxxer who made headlines last month after ranting at staff in a Tempe cafe over its proof-of-vaccination requirement.

Karnaby posted the black-and-white clip with the caption, “I can’t disclose how I got this footage of Gladys the former Premier of The Republic of Afgladystan but here she is evading questions from independent media in Pitt St today …”

In the video, Ms Berejiklian can be seen walking along Pitt Street as the unidentified man follows her filming.

“How’s the scamdemic going? Did it work out for ya?” he says, as Ms Berejiklian ignores him. “How much are you getting paid by George Soros? Gladys, how much is George Soros paying you? We need to know.

“Are you paid by the Rothschilds? Are you on the Rothschilds’ payroll? Gladys, are you going to go to China?”

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros is a popular target of right-wing conspiracy theories, as is the wealthy Rothschild family.

Karnaby, who hosts a Christian podcast called The Powers of Drayk, added in the caption, “She’s forgetting that she’s destroyed a lot of people’s lives the last three years.”

Ms Berejiklian stepped down as Premier on October 5 after being called to appear before the Independent Commission Against Corruption. She remains the MP for Willoughby on Sydney’s north shore and has said she will resign from that position once a by-election can be arranged.

The video comes as authorities warn of an increase in threats against Australian leaders over Covid-19 policies.

“NSW Police are aware of the incident, however, no further police action is expected,” a spokeswoman said.

In August, a 35-year-old man was charged after following NSW Police Minister David Elliot down a Baulkham Hills street and verbally abusing him while questioning the legitimacy of the lockdown.

In video footage of the incident filmed by the man and posted on social media, he accused Mr Elliot’s “tyrannical” government of “taking away our freedoms unlawfully”.

“I’m feeling intimidated by you,” Mr Elliot said at one point, before walking into a shopping centre as the man followed.

Meanwhile, police have today charged two men for allegedly making phone threats against West Australian Premier Mark McGowan.

That came after Mr McGowan was heckled by protesters after a town-hall meeting in Eaton last Sunday.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has also spoken of his family being targeted by “extremists”.

Mr Andrews and Mr McGowan both accused Prime Minister Scott Morrison of siding with anti-vaxxers by urging states to step back from vaccine mandates.

“We have seen extremists, rabid anti-vaxxers and others making all sorts of threats, threats against me, my wife and my kids,” Mr Andrews told Nine’s Today program last week.

“I’m committed to doing what has to be done. I’m not about chasing, through doublespeak, the votes of extremists or their preferences.”

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