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Grand Chancellor: Bedsheets used to smuggle cigarettes between rooms

Two men have been caught smuggling cigarettes between two quarantine hotel rooms – but it’s how they did it that’s hilarious.

Two men have been busted smuggling cigarettes from two rooms that are three floors apart in an Adelaide CBD medihotel by swinging bed sheets from the window.

The duo, aged 31 and 27, who are isolating in the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hindley St were each slapped with a fine for breaching directions under the Emergency Management Act over the stunt that happened on Thursday.

Footage captured by office workers in the opposite building showed pieces of clothing as well as the linen bedsheets tied together being swung back and forth for momentum from the window of one hotel room.

After a few swings, the end of the large makeshift rope makes its way to the open window of the second person located three floors below and one room across.

The person receiving the delivery catches it before the man in the room above starts to reel in the bedsheets.

SA Police issued a statement saying it is investigating the incident.

“The general public do not have access to the area immediately below the windows which is restricted hotel property,” it said.

“A search of that area was conducted and nothing was found, so there is no risk to the public.”

Back in July, Travis Myles, 39, used bedsheets to make a rope and climb down from his room in Western Australia‘s Great Eastern Motor Lodge medihotel that was four storeys high.

Myles, who landed in Perth from Brisbane on July 19 without an approved cross-border form, pleaded guilty to the offence and was fined $4500 for his escape but avoided jail time.

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