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How the pandemic has changed the way we feel about Christmas

A tumultuous year has changed the way we look at Christmas for the better, a new survey has found.

Australians will buy fewer gifts, share more food and take joy in simple pleasures this Christmas, with a new survey revealing the pandemic has changed our approach to the festive season.

Coming to the end of a tumultuous year has left many with a renewed sense of gratitude, according to the Coles Pre-Christmas Sentiment Survey, with more than a quarter of almost 7500 respondents saying they feel more grateful compared to last year.

Family and friends top the list of things we appreciate most, followed by having access to the Covid-19 vaccine, and healthcare workers.

In a year that saw more than half the nation under stay-at-home orders, five times as many people are looking forward to togetherness rather than gifts.

Almost a quarter are planning to buy fewer gifts this year, and food will be the main focus of the day for 64 per cent of Australians.

Despite the easing of border restrictions, the majority of Australians have ditched travel plans, and more than a quarter intend to catch up with family and friends virtually.

Melbourne-born celebrity chef and Coles ambassador Curtis Stone is grateful he won’t be chatting to his parents or brother via Zoom this Christmas. He plans to return from LA for a month, reuniting with his family after almost two years apart.

“It will be an emotional reunion, I’ll have plenty of tissues on hand for Mum and Dad,” said Stone, who lives with his actor wife Lindsay Price and their two sons.

“I never thought I would say I’m excited to sit on an aeroplane for 14 hours. My family means everything to me and to not be able to see them for two years has been difficult.”

Forced to temporarily close his two LA restaurants during the worst of the pandemic, Stone said he had learnt to appreciate life’s precious little moments.

“Thankfully I have an amazing wife and two beautiful boys, so lockdown life has meant we have been able to spend lots more time together.”

Despite the shift in public sentiment towards Christmas this year, a love of Michael Buble is one constant. The crooner’s festive hits trumped Mariah Carey and Wham in the survey, topping the list of our favourite Christmas music.


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