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Ian Stenlake fronts Waverley Courthouse after drunken scooter crash

Former Sea Patrol actor Ian Stenlake was ‘worked up, built up and high’ when he threatened to kill paramedics after a drunken incident, a court has been told.

An Australian actor told two paramedics he would “kill them” before lashing out at police after a drunken accident in Sydney’s east earlier this year, a court has been told.

Ian Stenlake, known for playing Mike Flynn in television drama Sea Patrol, was charged with several offences after an altercation with police and paramedics.

Dressed in brown suede shoes, a navy suit and light blue striped tie, Mr Stenlake appeared in Waverley Local Court on Wednesday.

The 52-year-old father of three clenched his fist and verbally threatened emergency crews who were trying to help him after he crashed his scooter outside a property on Abbey St in Randwick on July 20, the court was told.

Mr Stenlake then assaulted two police officers who were called in before being ­arrested and taken to the Prince of Wales Hospital under police guard.

He was later charged with two counts of assaulting police in the execution of duty, two counts of common assault, and hindering a police officer in the execution of duty.

He was also charged with high-range drink-driving.

Mr Stenlake, who appeared in several TV dramas and starred in local theatre productions, pleaded guilty to all charges.

His lawyer Trudie Cameron argued the magistrate should take into account Stenlake’s mental health issues when considering the assault charges under Section 14, claiming he had bipolar and PTSD.

“He’s been living with mental health conditions for a long time,” she said.

“(He is) a hardworking man, community minded and never previously convicted.”

But magistrate Carolyn Huntsman dismissed the Section 14 application about a bipolar and PTSD diagnosis and said the mental health report handed to her was “not convincing”.

“I don’t accept that the report is convincing for an established diagnosis or bipolar or PTSD,” she said.

Ms Huntsman also dismissed a colloquial assessment by friends that Stenlake was “manic”.

Stenlake had a bottle of vodka in his possession when he left his home in Sydney’s east to get some medication for his daughter when the incident unfolded, the court was told.

Ms Huntsman said Mr Stenlake was intoxicated and “swerving” when he crashed and fell off his Vespa. It landed on his left leg, trapping him underneath.

When ambulance officers arrived to help him, Mr Stenlake told them to “f–k off”.

“He said, ‘F–k you, f–*k off. I am going to kill you’, before clenching his fist, causing them fear,” Ms Huntsman said.

He later became “enraged” while on the ambulance bed and police and paramedics had to hold him down when he told them he would “f–king bash them”, the court was told.

Ms Huntsman said Stenlake grabbed and crushed an officer’s hand and hit his leg before ripping the police radio from his chest.

“He then grabbed the officer’s hand again. At that point he is sedated,” she said.

Police and paramedics were not injured.

His lawyer said Stenlake did not remember anything but “in his mind” he was obtaining the medication.

“He accepts he had no excuse and should not have been riding a motor vehicle,” Ms Cameron told the court.

Ms Huntsman recommended Stenlake receive case management from his GP that would include avoiding alcohol and encouraged participation in counselling for substance abuse and mental health concerns.

“He appears remorseful and regrets the incident. He has changed his drinking habits and no longer uses alcohol as an escape,” she said.

Stenlake will be sentenced later on Wednesday.

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