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India Seems Determined to Lose to Pakistan in More Than Cricket

The last thing most Indians want is to strengthen Pakistan, but India’s turn to increasingly hard-line Hindu nationalism is likely to do just that. An apparently growing tendency among Indians to refuse to distinguish between ordinary Muslims and dangerous Islamists will open India to instability and national-security threats—a point underscored by, of all things, the T-20 cricket World Cup.

After the Pakistani team beat India on Sunday, police in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh arrested seven Muslims for allegedly celebrating Pakistan’s victory. They face a variety of charges, including sedition, according to the state’s chief minister. In Indian-administered Kashmir, students and staff from two medical colleges face criminal charges under a harsh antiterrorism law for allegedly cheering the Pakistani cricket win. Many of India’s illiberal laws predate the rise of Hindu nationalism—some date back to colonial rule—but under the ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party these laws are increasingly used against Muslims deemed insufficiently patriotic.


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