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Investigation finds Parliament ‘rent boys’ claim false

The results of an investigation into shock claims that a Coalition staffer procured sex workers for a senior MP has been revealed.

EXCLUSIVE: A workplace investigation into claims that “rent boys” were procured for a male MP at Parliament House and that Coalition staffers masturbated on desks has found no evidence to support the claim that sex workers were ever signed into the building.

News.com.au has confirmed that an investigation commissioned by the Department of Finance into the claims has not substantiated the shock claim that a Coalition staffer procured sex workers for a senior MP.

A confidential “matrix” of claims being investigated by the law firm Spark Helmore names the former Coalition MP who was accused of asking staffers to “assist in the procurement of male escorts or sex workers that were arranged to attend APH for the purpose of engaging in sexual intercourse and/or interactions”.

However, it’s understood that a search of parliamentary sign in records has found no evidence that a sex worker was ever signed into the building. It’s not known if the MP named was ever spoken to by investigators.

The allegation that a male Coalition staffer masturbated on a desk and took videos and photos of the incident is not in dispute and photographic evidence of this activity was offered to investigators in support of the claim.

Those images remain the subject of a police investigation after the man in the images complained that he was the victim of revenge porn by an ex-lover and that the images had been disseminated without his consent.

The claims were first aired by Channel 10 in March 2021, at the height of the furore over bad behaviour at Parliament House and just weeks after former Coalition staffer Brittany Higgins alleged that she was sexually assaulted in Defence Minister Linda Reynolds’ office in 2019. A Queensland man has been charged in relation to that matter and has pleaded not guilty.

But the “desk wanking” scandal prompted a furious response from Prime Minister Scott Morrison when it was first revealed in the wake of weeks of outrage over the alleged rape of Ms Higgins.

The story included images that a Coalition staffer had shared on gay dating website Grindr of a man masturbating on the desk of Coalition whip Nola Marino.

The Prime Minister described the filming of men masturbating on desks at the time as “disgusting and sickening” and just “totally unacceptable”.

“I am shocked, and I am disgusted,” Mr Morrison said.

“It is shameful. It is just absolutely shameful. I was completely stumped, as I have been on more than one occasion over the course of this last month.”

The scandal also prompted a workplace investigation, conducted by law firm Spark Helmore that is now preparing to hand its findings to the Department of Finance.

At the time of the allegations emerging, Sky News host Peta Credlin accused Liberal staffers of holding gay “orgies” at Parliament House claiming she was dubbed “a bitch” for trying to sack staff involved in the behaviour.

The former chief of staff to former Prime Minister Tony Abbott also warned she knew the culprits exposed in sick videos of men masturbating on desks in Parliament House.

Credlin claimed that in one historical instance — that did not involve any of the men in the Channel 10 video — that evidence was found of a Liberal staffer involved in “orgies”.

After one man was sacked for what she described as “disloyalty” she revealed that evidence was found of “orgies” when MPs left the office for question time.

“When the MP cleaned out the staffer’s desk and the computer, that MP uncovered evidence that for many months that staffer had regularly met with other men, in the middle of the day, when the MP was in question time, for orgies in political offices,” Credlin said during her Sky News program.

“Labor staffers, not just this Coalition man, and a number of others too.”

She then sensationally revealed that she knew one of the men sacked for masturbating on MPs desks because she had sacked him years earlier for unrelated conduct.

“The man sacked by the Morrison Government this week for his disgusting acts on an MPs desk and its distribution on a little chat group. How do you even think about doing that sort of crap at work,” she said.

“That bloke I demanded to be sacked years earlier. Now that bloke, he’s not the same as the man I told you about with the orgies, but the bloke who was sacked this week was someone I sacked years earlier.

“For years I copped hit after hit from unnamed sources. I stand by every decision I made. I would do it all again. And as a woman, boy I made some enemies. I have never publicly spoken about my side before.

“But I am not going to stay silent anymore.”

At the time, Mr Morrison accused the man who masturbated on desks of “shameful” behaviour and Finance Minister Simon Birmingham has urged them to “pack their bags”.

News.com.au has contacted the investigating law firm Spark Helmore and the Morrison Government for comment.


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