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Jacqui Lambie hits out at One Nation, anti-vax ‘nut jobs’ who sent the Tasmanian senator abusive texts, calls

Jacqui Lambie has again erupted after her personal phone number was leaked, a move labelled a ‘new low’ in politics.

The leaking of a senator’s private phone number by a political opponent, resulting in a barrage of abusive texts and phone calls, has been slammed as “disgusting” and a “new low” in Australian politics.

Tasmanian independent Jacqui Lambie on Tuesday accused One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts of posting her private mobile number on social media without her consent, demanding an apology for the number of “nasty, abusive and threatening” messages and calls she had received.

Senator Lambie took aim at the “right-wing nut jobs” who berated her following an impassioned plea for anti-vaxxers to “grow up” and do the right thing by their community.

“What a pack of cowards they are (though) because they have their ‘no caller ID’ on, so they are quite disgusting,” she told ABC Breakfast.

“I’ve had that same number for 17 years, I obviously have to change that now. But really, to put something up on social media with my phone number on it, I think that One Nation has hit a whole new low, seriously. This is just disgusting.

“These right-wing nut jobs, and there’s only a really small amount of them, are … disgusting. Swearing at me and calling me every word under the sun and – are you serious? If you want to say something to me, then put it in a sentence, say what you’ve got to say, but all this swearing … where do they think it is going to get them?”

Senator Lambie said it wasn’t just her targeted by anti-vaccine protesters, citing reports WA Premier Mark McGowan’s home had been targeted and death threats against Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

“You are putting some of us in a situation where we are having to worry about our safety, and now you are going to limit our freedoms. It shouldn’t be like that,” she said.

“It is not the Australian way and it is very uncalled for.”

Senator Lambie said she would need to change her phone number, one she has had for nearly two decades, in order to protect her safety.

She said it was an added blow that veterans, who knew to call her when they were struggling with their mental health, would not be able to contact her.

Labor Senator Penny Wong said the attacks directed at Senator Lambie were a “new low”.

“Some things have to be off limits,” she told RN Breakfast.

“The problem at the moment, is that leaders in this place, and senators and members are not ensuring that there are boundaries to the contest. And this is an example of it.

“Publishing someone’s mobile number in order to enable people who are very aggressive about vaccines to contact her and make threats is simply inappropriate.”

Senator Lambie said she would be demanding an apology from One Nation.

Senator Roberts on Tuesday said he was not responsible for the phone number leak – shifting the blame onto Tasmanian One Nation senate candidate Steve Mav.

“Steve was sent the phone number by a Tasmanian voter that got it from Senator Lambie’s Facebook post with an invitation to contact her,” Senator Roberts said.

He said One Nation did not condone the public sharing of private phone numbers, and that Mr Mav had removed the phone number from his social media.

Mr Mav took to social media calling on Senator Lambie to “stop playing the victim”.

“The real victims are Australians in every state and territory who are losing their jobs because they oppose mandatory jabs,” he wrote.

“The real victims include Tasmanians who are currently being denied medical treatment in Tasmanian hospitals. I am pro choice and believe in equal rights for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.”

The phone number leak comes after days of escalating tensions in the Senate.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson attempted to introduce a bill trying to overturn states’ ability to mandate vaccinations and protect non-vaccinated Australians from “discrimination”.

In response, Senator Lambie slammed Senator Hanson, telling her, and her anti-vax supporters to “grow up”.

“Being held accountable for your own actions isn’t called discrimination, it’s called being, you wouldn’t believe it – a goddamn bloody adult,” she said on Monday.


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