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Joe Biden’s party in ‘meltdown’ after shock results

Joe Biden’s political party is in “meltdown” after a shock result that has commentators calling for Democrats to focus on household issues.

US President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party is facing a “total meltdown” after a significant election defeat in the state of Virginia.

The President returned from Europe on Wednesday to a firestorm over a humiliating electoral defeat for his party.

Republicans pulled off a decisive upset in the Democrat-trending Virginia, with candidate Glenn Youngkin beating more heavily favoured Democrat Terry McAuliffe in a state Mr Biden carried by 10 percentage points last year.

However, Mr Biden was spared a second humiliation, with the Democrats remaining narrowly in control of New Jersey.

That didn’t lessen the the blow of the Virginia result.

CNN host Don Lemon, among those dissecting the result, blasted the Democrats as weak and politically effective.

“In the wake of the election night that rocked the Democratic party, what we have got tonight is the anatomy really of a Democratic meltdown, a complete and total meltdown,” he said.

“The party that holds the House, holds the Senate, the White House, apparently unable to get out of its own way, and you’re seeing the results at the ballot box.

“Covid anger, Democratic infighting and ineptitude, misunderstanding of what suburban voters really care about, like education. The lesson Democrats should take from this election? Voters are speaking loud and clear. People don’t care about the back and forth on Capitol Hill.”

Mr Biden had already been in crisis last week when he jetted off for his five-day jaunt in Europe, with his poll numbers flagging and ongoing struggles to pass his $3 trillion plan for new government spending.

The Republican Party was quick to jump on historic wins.

“In Pennsylvania’s statewide judicial elections, Republicans have WON all three races that have been called! Pennsylvanians have shown they want judges who are guided by the Constitution — NOT a radical, far-left agenda,” it tweeted.

Former Obama Administration worker Van Jones was another to put the boot into his former party.

“The whole idea of the ‘anti-Trump resistance’ being the only rationale for us to be a party is over,” Jones said.

“What is our rationale going forward? What do progressives need to do differently?”

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