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Karl Stefanovic mocks Elisha and Renee Herbert for comparing climate protester brother to Nelson Mandela

Today co-host Karl Stefanovic lost it this morning while mocking two Insta-famous sisters’ bizarre defence of their jailed brother.

Two Insta-famous Australian sisters who likened their jailed brother to human rights heroes Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela have been brutally mocked by Karl Stefanovic in an on-air rant.

The Today co-host lost it on Thursday morning while discussing the claims made by LA-based models Elisha and Renee Herbert.

The pair rushed to the defence of their sibling, Eric Serge Herbert, who was given a 12-month sentence this week after climbing on top of a train to protest against Newcastle’s coal industry.

The sisters, originally from the Sunshine Coast, slammed the sentence on social media in an expletive-filled tirade, telling their followers their 22-year-old brother was being treated like a “murderer”.

“The fact that people are getting no time in jail for raping and killing people yet a climate change activist gets a year is f***ing beyond me. I’m so f***ing mad,” Elisha posted this week.

“People say, ‘He stopped a coal train, he deserves what he gets or he made people an hour late to work’ … are you actually kidding me?

“People are getting mad that they were one hour late to work once, well in 20 years when the world is f***ing dying and there is nothing you can do, nothing to reverse it, your not going to care about 20 years ago when you were one hour late to work so don’t you dare f***ing say that is justice. That is not justice.”

She went as far to compare her brother’s plight to that of legendary figures of modern history such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks, while sister Renee also hit out at the “ridiculous” sentence.

“This is so deeply disturbing for anyone close to see Eric, a passionate leader and activist for humans, animals and our earth behind bars,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Maybe if they stop imprisoning and silencing climate activists (and) started paying attention to the climate damage that they condone, young aware individuals wouldn’t feel the moral obligation to do this in the first place.”

But Stefanovic took issue with the sisters’ passionate defence of their brother, and broke into uncontrollable laughter while discussing the saga.

“I mean these professional protesters – they’re stopping industry. What a great leader,” Stefanovic said before playing a clip of Martin Luther King’s legendary “I have a dream” speech.

“Gives you chills doesn’t it. Arguably the greatest speech in history,” he said.

“Roll forward 58 years and meet Eric Serge Herbert. Jailed in Newcastle Local Court for an anti coal mine protest.

“His sisters from the Sunshine Coast living in LA – that’s a long way from Caloundra – are keeping it real comparing their brother to Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and more surprisingly Rosa Parks.”

Guest Jacqui Lambie also joined in, saying she just didn’t “get” the younger generation.

Mr Herbert, a former private school captain, has a long history when it comes to climate protests and stunts, having previously glued himself to a busy street, blocked a bridge with a canoe and barred the entrance to Brisbane Magistrates Court.

In 2019, he was sentenced to six months’ probation as part of an Extinction Rebellion protest where he locked himself to a car outside a Queensland government building for several hours.


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