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Labor Senator Kristina Keneally slammed for China-made products that contradict Labor ‘buy Australian’ plan

The Labor Senator has been blasted following an embarrassing revelation about her campaign fundraising side-hustle.

Labor Senator Kristina Keneally has been accused of “hypocrisy” for selling products made in China just weeks after Labor announced its “buy Australian” policy pillar for the forthcoming election.

In a bid to bolster funding for Labor, Senator Keneally has opened an online store dubbed ‘the BS Report’.

The store sells water bottles, tote bags, mugs and iPhone cases decorated with quotes from Scott Morrison, which highlight the Prime Minister’s less flattering moments as leader.

“Where the bloody hell are the vaccines?” reads one.

“I don’t hold a hose, mate,” reads another.

But Liberal Senator Hollie Hughes was quick to pull Senator Keneally up on her new business venture, accusing her of “hypocrisy” for sourcing the products from China.

“What BS. Labor is pretending to back Aussie jobs publicly while secretly sourcing their fundraising merchandise from China,’ Senator Hughes told Daily Mail Australia.

“The hypocrisy would be outrageous if it wasn’t so typical of what Australians have come to expect from Kristina Keneally.”

Under Labor’s “buy Australian” plan, new laws would lock the government into using more Australian-made goods, products and materials through Commonwealth contracts.

“Under the Buy Australian Act, maximising the benefit of government purchases to Australia will be the law of the land,” Labor leader Anthony Albanese said.

But the water bottles and iPhone cases available in Senator Keneally’s online store explicitly state they are sourced from China.

The remaining items such as tote bags and mugs do not identify their geographic origin.

“There’s a pattern here from Kristina – she’s trying to BS about where she lives so she can run for a lower house seat, and now she’s spouting BS about supporting Australian products and jobs,” Senator Hughes said.

But Senator Keneally defended her business, insisting that while the products were originally made in China, the printing service to decorate the products with Mr Morrison’s quotes was a locally-owned business.

“The BS Report uses an on-demand printing service with printing partners in Queensland and Victoria,” Senator Keneally told NCA NewsWire.

“The store wouldn’t even be necessary, except that Mr Morrison is so full of BS.

“There are some great products on the BS Report Store and I’d encourage everyone to have a look, share and buy the merchandise to help get rid of Mr Morrison and his BS.”

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