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McAuliffe’s Gift to the GOP

Democrats are suddenly looking at Virginia with a whole new kind of unhappy. They’ve long worried the state’s coming election will show voter dissatisfaction with Democrats. They’re now also concerned that Terry McAuliffe’s stumbling gubernatorial campaign has gift-wrapped the GOP a winning issue for 2022.

Mr. McAuliffe this week released an ad that radiates panic. The screen pans over pictures of Mr. McAuliffe’s children, as the Democrat complains his Republican opponent took his words about education “out of context.” At a Sept. 28 debate, Mr. McAuliffe bluntly declared: “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” Republican Glenn Youngkin has run with the ensuing outrage. The McAuliffe ad desperately attempts to reassure voters that he understands “good schools depend on involved parents.”


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