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Melbourne Cup 2021: Sydney tradies fake rain stunt TikTok

A pair of crafty Sydney tradies have come up with a cheeky way to get out of work so they could enjoy Melbourne Cup festivities.

A tradie has thought up a cheeky way to get sent home from work on Melbourne Cup Day, freeing him up to get involved with the event’s festivities.

Sydney tradie Luca, who runs the TikTok account Daddywingzy, uploaded a video on Tuesday showing a crafty technique to get out of work due to rainy weather — even when weather conditions were perfect.

He filmed as a colleague made a FaceTime call telling his boss that he couldn’t continue working because he was getting drenched.

He wasn’t being entirely untruthful, but the last thing his dilemma could be blamed on was the weather.

During the call, Luca held a hose above his colleague’s head strategically to make it appear as though it was showering with rain.

“It’s pissing down rain here today mate. I’m getting soaked brother, I don’t work in the rain mate, seeya later brother, I’m going home,” he was heard speaking into the phone.

In the video’s caption, Luca wrote, “it was only sprinkling, had to enhance it”.

It rained briefly in Sydney on Tuesday morning but the forecast for the remainder of the day was sunshine and clear skies.

It was unclear if the two men genuinely used the trick to get out of work on Melbourne Cup Day, but the video proved a hit with viewers regardless.

More than 800 people liked the video, which attracted 27,000 views in the three hours after it was posted.

One man said he would be using the trick himself in future.

“That’s going straight to my pocket mate,” he wrote in a comment.

Others were left laughing at the sneaky stunt, while one person reminded Luca it was “not too late to delete this bro”.

Someone else was keen to find out if the trick was legitimate, and even more so, if it worked.

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