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Melbourne Cup; Sydney, Brisbane weather: Forecast for sun, then wet and stormy conditions

After intense conditions last week, a new bout of wild weather is approaching bringing rain and storms with few places managing to dodge the system.

Just two areas of Australia may miss out on rain and possible storms in the coming week as a new weather system barrels across the country bringing a fresh round of storms.

Melbourne could see up to 35mm of rain this week but in a close shave for Cup-goers, the deluge should occur just hours after the last race has finished on Tuesday.

Rather than rain, Tuesday in Melbourne looks to be a balmy 30C with blue skies.

“It’s just the west coast and much of the Queensland coast that’s going to miss out on the wet weather – elsewhere almost everywhere is likely to see at least something this week but it will be hit and miss,” said Sky News Weather meteorologist Rob Sharpe.

“Moisture from Queensland is flowing west and integrating into a low pressure trough later this week. Storms in Western Australia are slowly tracking east but as it runs into the Queensland moisture, we’ll see extra rainfall flowing down into south eastern Australia and there will be a rain band particularly for Victoria and Tasmania.”

Storms could also be a feature in Central Australia and South Australia. But the sheer amount of moisture in the air in Victoria and Tasmania may stifle storms from forming there.

What storms there are, are unlikely to be as intense as last week’s weather event which saw trees uprooted and power cut for thousands. Localised flooding can’t be ruled out though.

Storms build for South Australia

Beginning in WA, a few spots of rain are possible on Monday and Tuesday with highs of 20C. But as the week progresses, conditions become far more settled with sunny, partly cloudy days. A maximum of 25C on Thursday and minimums around 10C.

A sunny Monday in Adelaide will give way to rain by Tuesday with some possible heavy downpours on Wednesday and the chance of a storm.

Warm on Tuesday with a high of 32C but that will drop to 23C on Wednesday.

Stormier in the state’s north with outbreaks possible in Oodnadatta on Tuesday and Wednesday with temperatures well above 30C, peaking at 39C on the weekend.

Over the border into the Northern Territory and the storms just get more frequent. Alice Springs could see lightning on Tuesday, Wednesday and the weekend bringing with them some potential heavy downpours.

“Through the back end of Tuesday and into Wednesday we’ll see storms and showers rolling down into the south east, tending to bands of rain in Victoria and Tasmania,” said Mr Sharpe.

Melbourne Cup weather

A couple of sunny days in Melbourne with that warmth of Tuesday for the cup. No rain expected for the big day at Flemington, but come Wednesday and everything changes with as much as 25mm forecast for the gauge and another 10mm or so on Thursday.

It’s looking like a showery weekend too.

Maximums will drop to 26C on Wednesday and then 20C on Thursday. Minimums will be in the low teens but it will be a warm night leading into Wednesday with the mercury not dipping below 20C.

Temperatures will rise in Tasmania ahead of the weather system, peaking at 24C on Wednesday. That’s also when a fair dump of rain could arrive with around 10mm due for Hobart.

Showers here and there for the rest of the week with the highs falling to around 20C and lows about 10C.

NSW, ACT and Queensland

Settled with maximums of 23-26C and minimums of 7-8C in Canberra until Thursday when the rain hits. Between 10-20mm could fall with more showers due on Friday and into the weekend.

Temperature wise its rinse and repeat in Sydney this week with highs of 25C and lows of 16C. Dry with sunny spells until Thursday when showers are due with downpours leading into the weekend.

Similar conditions in Brisbane with highs in the mid-twenties, lows in the mid-teens. It’s just possible some spots of rain may fall on Wednesday and then later in the week but overall it should be fine in Queensland’s south east.

Fine and mostly dry as you work up the coast with a week of 31C in Townsville.

Stormy in Darwin with 5-10mm due most days this week. Temperatures in the Top End will peak at 35C and drop to 26C overnight.

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