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Melbourne Woolworths bizarre Covid QR code check-in

A Melbourne Woolworths store has unwittingly posed its shoppers a Covid check-in challenge by placing its code in an obscure location.

A Woolworths store has challenged its shoppers by placing its QR check-in code in a particularly awkward location.

A customer raised the matter after having difficulty checking into the retailer’s Metro store in Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station on Sunday.

A photo later shared to Twitter showed the check-in code located with several notices attached to the store’s entrance – but that wasn’t the only obstacle shoppers had to contend with.

Not only was the check-in code somewhat disguised among the sea of A4 pages, it had been attached to glass doors that open automatically when approached.

The inconvenient position meant shoppers would need to somehow scan the code while contending with the moving door.

The customer who raised the issue online wished other shoppers luck with trying to check in.

“Good luck finding the QR code to check-in at the entrance of Woolworths at Southern Cross,” he wrote.

“And on the automatic door for extra skill level.”

The Woolworths Twitter account responded later on Sunday saying his issue had been taken up with management “for their immediate awareness and review”.

“Thanks for your reply and for sharing the details. We’ve shared this with the store management team for their immediate awareness and review,” part of the response read.

“We appreciate the time taken to share your feedback with us. We hope your next shop with us will be a positive one and have a nice day.”

The supermarket has been contacted by news.com.au for further comment.

It’s understood the check-in code was one of several available for shoppers to use before entering the store.

The code has reportedly since been moved from the centre of the automatic door.

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