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Multi-millionaire Dick Smith tells year 12 students that HSC marks do not determine success

One of Australia’s richest and most successful businessmen has given some unconventional advice to year 12 students.

One of Australia’s wealthiest and most successful businessmen has told year 12 students not to worry too much if they don‘t get the marks they’re hoping for.

Famous entrepreneur Dick Smith told 2GB that he received terrible grades at school but still managed to go on to become highly successful.

“I was absolutely hopeless. I came 45th out of 47th in the class. I always thought I was hopeless at school but I managed to do OK,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Smith told parents and grandparents not to worry about their children or grandchildren who did not perform well at school, insisting there are many opportunities for success outside of the traditional path of a university education.

“If they’re no good at schoolwork don’t worry too much,” he said.

“I say to everyone, get as many qualification as you can – that’s good – but there’s still potential to open your own business.

“This is a great country and you can still do well even if you can’t get those qualifications.”

Mr Smith became one of the richest men in Australia after he successfully grew his electronics business from $610 in 1968 to $1.4bn in 2014.

HSC exams began across NSW on Tuesday and will run until December 3.

The class of 2021 has faced even higher stress levels than most year 12 students with almost half of their learning occurring online due to protracted lockdowns across the country.

Students will receive their final Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) on January 20 2022, with their HSC results released on January 24.


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