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Neo-Nazi supporters of Thomas Sewell and Jacob Hersant warned in court

A magistrate has warned disruptive supporters of two alleged neo-Nazis leaders about their bizarre antics during a court hearing.

Coded hate speech and signs reading “Free Tom” disrupted the court case of two alleged neo-Nazi leaders accused of attacking Victorian bushwalkers.

The bizarre messages were aired during the committal hearing of 28-year-old Thomas Sewell and 22-year-old Jacob Hersant in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

The pair were allegedly among a group of up to 20 men wearing black T-shirts emblazoned with a white Celtic cross who punched, smashed windows and threatened hikers with knives at Mt Sugarloaf on May 8.

Prosecutors say both men are leaders of neo-Nazi organisations.

Mr Sewell was the leader of European Australian Movement and Mr Hersant was the head of the National Socialist Movement, prosecutor Danielle Guesdon had said.

But magistrate Peter Reardon issued a stern warning to anyone in the court after prosecutors applied to have the disrupters kicked out of the hearing on Thursday.

“You’re all warned in relation that if you are viewed to be misbehaving you’ll be expelled and you only have yourself to blame,” Mr Reardon said.

The coded messages were aired in the virtual hearing court chat on Wednesday and a supporter named “Jimeone Roberts” appeared on video wearing a “Free Tom” sign on his forehead, the prosecutor told the court.

The same man appeared on the screen on Thursday morning wearing sunglasses and pulling a face.

“Take your sunglasses off because you’re in a court effectively,” Mr Reardon said.

The man lifted them off his eyes but did not take them off and was warned again.

“Take them off. If you want to be cheeky you’ll get expelled, it’s up to you,” the magistrate said.

The person’s camera was then switched off.

Mr Hersant and Mr Sewell are charged with armed robbery, affray, theft and other offences including bail breaches but have yet to enter a plea.

The hearing continues on Thursday.


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