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Noel Greenaway to die behind bars after appeal dismissed

The former boss at Parramatta Girls Training school, a systematic abuser, will die behind bars after his appeal was dismissed.

A paedophile and systematic abuser of children will likely die in jail after his claims of an unfair trial were knocked back.

Noel Frederick Greenaway, now 84, is currently serving a 20-year jail term for a series of rapes and assaults five decades ago that were initially brought to light at the royal commission into child sex abuse.

His vile acts occurred while he worked at Parramatta Girls Training School during the 1960s and 70s.

He appealed his 2019 sentence earlier this year, but at a Court of Criminal Appeal hearing Justice Robert McFarlane found the punishment to be fair.

“The applicant was in a position of trust; he had complete power and authority over the complainants who were, in each instance, vulnerable by both background and situation. The applicant exploited those vulnerabilities to abuse children who were entirely without a means of escaping his predation,” he said.

The girls in many cases had come to the institution from broken homes and troubled pasts where they were preyed upon by Greenaway.

The young girls would be locked in rooms for days on end, horrifically beaten, called “sluts” and “pigs” and were repeatedly sexually assaulted by men at the institution, his trial heard at the time.

He is set to be released in 2039 but will be eligible for parole in 2029, 10 years after he was taken into custody.

During his 15-week-long trial, his lawyers, Peter Skinner and Maria Voleynik argued his guilty verdicts should be quashed on five grounds relating to “tendency evidence” used at trial and his defence not being able to cross-examine a key witness on certain topics.

They also argued that the sentence he was handed was “excessive”, according to documents obtained from the Criminal Court of Appeal in September.

Greenaway’s defence had argued that none of the allegations had happened in the 1960s and that his victims “were lying” according to more than 100 pages of documents lodged as part of his appeal.

They also said he suffered extra punishment due to the media coverage he recent at the Royal Commission into child sex abuse and his recent court appearances.

Noel Greenaway’s crimes

His victim’s privacy has been protected due to NSW Law, but their evidence was provided at his trial and led to his time behind bars.

The women were referred to as various synonyms, these are just some of his depraved crimes but not an exhaustive list of the abuse he inflicted on his victims.

Common assault – Greenway was alleged to have taken one of the girls to a cell where he made her undress, pushed her, slapped her, pulled her hair.

Indecent assault – Greenaway was alleged to have made one of the women masturbate his penis and ejaculate on her. He told her to keep her mouth shut.

Assault occasioning actual bodily harm – Greenaway had been playing in a cricket game, and walked past one of the women while holding a cricket bat. The woman said something to him before the man punched her in the face. She ran away but Greenaway grabbed her and punched her and dragged her to an area underneath the building where she was detained for about three weeks.

Rape – One woman was sent to isolation and Greenaway went to the cell late in the night. He raped her and told her he could keep her in isolation as long as he wanted.


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