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NSW on verge of achieving 95 per cent Covid vaccination rate

New South Wales is on the verge of reaching a stunning coronavirus vaccination milestone that previously seemed improbable.

Just 84,000 more people need to get the jab for New South Wales to reach a 95 per cent vaccination rate against Covid-19.

The latest figures show 6.1 million people over the age of 16 — making up almost 94 per cent of the state’s adult population — have received the first dose of a Covid vaccine.

Once this reaches 6.2 million, the state will have achieved a coronavirus milestone that few other places in the world share.

NSW authorities are optimistic the state will reach the vaccine milestone.

This week it announced that restrictions for those who were not vaccinated would not ease until the state reached the 95 per cent vaccination rate or until December 15, whichever one happened earlier.

It also brought forward the easing of restrictions scheduled for December 1, to instead commence on November 8.

The Australian Capital Territory has already reached the 95 per cent vaccination target and Victoria’s vaccination rate is also extremely high, with around 92 per cent of adults having had a first dose.

Almost 90 per cent of adults in Tasmania have had a first dose and 82 per cent in South Australia.

Other states are lagging further behind with Queensland on 78 per cent, Western Australia on 79 per cent and Northern Territory on 77 per cent.

The most highly vaccinated country in the world is the United Arab Emirates, where 97 per cent of the entire population — including those under 16 years old — has had at least one dose.

Australia has rocketed up the ranks of the world’s most highly vaccinated countries, with 74 per cent of its total population having had at least one dose.

Its vaccination rate now ranks higher than the United Kingdom, United States and even Israel — which all began their vaccination programs earlier than Australia.

Figures from Our World in Data also show Australia closing in on rates in France (76 per cent), Italy (77 per cent) and Spain (81 per cent).

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