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NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet responds to Gladys Berejiklian’s ICAC comment

Dominic Perrottet has responded to a tapped phone call where Gladys Berejiklian told Daryl Maguire she could get ‘$170m in five minutes’ from the former treasurer.

Dominic Perrottet has responded to a bombshell tapped phone call between Gladys Berejiklian and her ex-lover where the former state leader suggested the then-treasurer “did what she told him to”.

The tapped phone call was played on Friday at the Independent Commission Against Corruption that detailed how Ms Berejiklian also said she could get her former boyfriend Daryl Maguire “$170 million in five minutes”.

Ms Berejiklian could be heard saying the then-treasurer, now NSW Premier, Perrottet “just does what I ask him to do”.

Ms Berejiklian has denied any wrongdoing.

Mr Perrottet’s office refused to comment on those details on Friday but the Premier was asked about the bombshell interview while speaking to Sunrise on Monday.

“In an exchange between her and Daryl Maguire she said, ‘Dom does whatever I tell him to’. Were those comments a surprise to you?,” Natalie Barr asked the Premier.

Mr Perrottet said: “Not at all. Gladys and I have a great relationship. As Premier and Treasurer you work very closely together.

“I don’t want to give a running commentary on the ICAC.”

“So you didn’t do whatever she said,” Barr probed. “I understand your wife had something to say about that comment?”.

The Premier laughed and then confessed he wasn’t watching the hearing on Friday.

“But she (his wife Helen) texted me in the morning (saying) why do you do what Gladys (asks) but not what I ask you to do,” Mr Perrottet said.

In recordings of a May 2018 phone call played on Friday, Ms Berejiklian could be heard discussing money requests by her then-secret boyfriend, Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire.

Mr Maguire told her he’d “talked to the treasurer” and asked “how’s my hospital … am I getting my $170 million?”.

The MP went on to tell Ms Berejiklian he only got a promise of funds for graffiti removal.

“I said ‘no money for Wagga? You’ll have a f—ing riot on your hand’,” Mr Maguire went on.

“I’ll deal with it … I’ll fix it,” Ms Berejiklian responded.

Two hours later, the pair were recorded speaking on the phone again.

“I’ve already gotten you the Wagga hospital,” Ms Berejiklian told Mr Maguire.

“I just spoke to Dom, and I said just put the (money) in the budget. He goes ‘No worries’. He just does what I ask him to do.”

She was also heard saying: “I’ve now got you the $170 million in five minutes.”

After listening to the recording, Ms Berejiklian said of herself and Mr Perrottet, “neither of us would have done anything which was not appropriate”.

The counsel assisting the ICAC, Scott Robertson, told the ICAC commissioner there was no suggestion Mr Perrottet had acted improperly.

Ms Berejiklian will face the Independent Commission Against Corruption for a second day of questioning on Monday.

– additional reporting by Anton Nilsson.


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