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Pentagram symbol left at Sydney house front door

A group of housemates returned home on Tuesday evening to find a sinister symbol on display outside their front door.

A woman in the inner Sydney suburb Glebe was left dumbfounded after she returned home from a dinner outing to find a range of bizarre items sprawled across her front doorstep.

The most notable one was a collection of small sticks, arranged into the shape of a pentagram symbol, which had been positioned between a can of WD-40 and a pack of metal wire.

Neta Shagan said she made the unusual discovery when she returned home with her housemates on Tuesday evening.

“My housemates and I were all out and got home and found it at our front door. We thought it was a little creepy but mostly because it meant that someone had opened our gate and come onto our property,” she told news.com.au.

“It definitely wasn’t there when I left, it was right by the front door so I would’ve noticed it.”

The person responsible must have acted fast given Ms Shagan was only out of the house for about two hours.

“I was gone for about two hours before my housemate found it but I don’t know how long it was there for before she got home,” she said.

Adding to the peculiar discovery was the fact the perpetrator had removed the can of WD-40 from a box in the corner of the home’s veranda.

The metal wire, however, did not belong to the household, Ms Shagan said.

“We did look around a little to see if other doors had anything but it didn’t look like it,” she said, adding she was confident someone she knew wasn’t behind the bizarre stunt.

“I don’t think anyone we know would do that. Everyone’s too busy,” she said.

Later taking to a local community group on Facebook, Ms Shagan asked if anyone else in the neighbourhood had been the recipient of anything similar, but it appeared the discovery was an isolated one.

Of the dozens of people to respond, some encouraged the housemates to report their finding to police, while others suggested the home would now be “cursed”.

“I’d make a police report on it. The pentagram symbol is super weird and could definitely be read as a threat. And the other stuff may be evidence someone tried to break in,” one comment read.

Another said they thought it looked like “black magic”, someone described it “unbelievable” and a third told Ms Shagan to “run”.

Ms Shagan said the home didn’t have Halloween decorations up, ruling out theories linking the two.

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