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Porsche driver Richard Pusey granted bail over cat faces allegations, banned from Fitzroy

Notorious Porsche driver Richard Pusey has been granted bail but he is not allowed to go anywhere near his home suburb.

Porsche driver Richard Pusey will be freed from custody over allegations he terrorised his neighbours by smearing cat litter and faeces around their home.

But the 43-year-old has been banned from his home suburb of Fitzroy as a strict condition of his successful bail bid.

Pusey appeared briefly via video in the Neighbourhood Justice Centre on Thursday where magistrate David Fanning agreed to his immediate release.

He will reside at an address in regional Victoria that will be kept secret from the public, at the request of his lawyer Philip Dunn.

Pusey was only free from jail for three weeks following acts he committed at the scene of the 2020 Eastern Freeway crash.

He spent 10 months behind bars following that incident.

Pusey has been charged with two counts of stalking and four counts of assaulting an emergency worker on duty.

Police allege in court documents that he “did stalk another person … by engaging in a course of conduct which included discarding objects, including cat litter, faeces and other food items in and around the victim’s property” from May last year until his arrest last month.

Victoria Police did not contest Pusey’s bail application.

On top of a ban on entering Fitzroy, he must also continue psychological treatment and comply with current intervention orders against him.

“Mr Pusey, I believe those conditions are clear and straightforward. If you wish me to clarify any of those conditions, ask me now,” Mr Fanning said.

Pusey replied: “No, thank you sir.” These were the only words the typically vocal 43-year-old said the entire hearing.

Pusey was released from custody in August, after being found guilty of charges including outraging public decency by filming dying police officers after the Eastern Freeway crash.

Four officers were killed when they were hit by a truck after pulling Pusey over.

Pusey left custody then in a “fake news” mask and wearing a top that said ”Get Me Oprah”.

He will next appear at the Neighbourhood Justice Centre on March 9 next year.


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