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Protester arrested outside Cranebrook High School over Covid vaccinations

A western Sydney man has been arrested outside a school during a protest against Covid vaccinations.

Police have arrested a man during a protest against Covid vaccinations outside a high school in Sydney’s west.

Officers from Nepean Police Area Command were called to Cranebrook High School about 8.30am on Tuesday after a group of up to 40 adults, students and teachers gathered outside the campus.

The protest was allegedly planned through social media after the school announced a Covid vaccination clinic would be on campus.

“The team from Public Health will be visiting Cranebrook High School next Tuesday,” the school announced online.

“A ‘Vaccination Clinic’ will be held on this day, and any students who have not received their first Pfizer vaccination and wish to do so will have the opportunity to receive their first shot.”

People outside the school held signs on Tuesday morning that read “my child is not an experiment”, “stop the vax bus” and “protect our kids”.

Another sign read: “We say no! Save our kids! No jab! No mask!”

Footage posted to Turning Point Australia on Facebook shows one woman who claimed her daughter attended Cranebrook High School protesting to “save the children”.

“They’re going to inject them with this poison whether she has a consent form or not,” the woman said.

“Everything that’s to do with Covid is so wrong … the mandates, lockdowns and people losing their jobs.”

Other protesters can be heard in the video yelling at students and teachers entering the school, saying “it’s a pupil-free day, go home”.

Meanwhile, arguments can be heard breaking out in the background of the footage, with one woman screaming: “Are you going to smile if someone drops dead in your hall?”

Footage shows the group congregating around one of the school gates as protesters yell at teachers in the school grounds before police arrive.

An officer asked the group to be mindful of year 12 students sitting the HSC.

“By yelling out across the school you’re going to be disturbing them,” the officer said.

“You have a right to protest but those students have the right to do their exams in peace and quiet.”

One man said his children went to school nearby and there was “no benefit” to the students being vaccinated at school.

“If we don’t stand here, it’s just going to keep on coming,” he said.

As the protest continued, police issued a move-on direction before arresting one of the men.

“One of the protesters, a 38-year-old man, allegedly failed to move on and was verbally aggressive towards police and members of the community,” a NSW Police spokesman told NCA NewsWire.

“He was arrested and taken to St Mary’s police station.”

Inquiries are continuing.

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