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SA border restrictions: Vaccination rates for Sydney and Melbourne LGAs

Sydney and Melbourne residents have been left out by a newly announced border rule that’s been dubbed “ludicrous”, amid calls for it to be ditched.

A newly announced South Australian border rule has been dubbed “ludicrous” and unfair, as the state government comes under pressure to ditch the confusing requirement.

Premier Steven Marshall earlier this week unveiled the changes to testing, tracing and isolating measures that will coincide with the state’s borders reopening on November 23.

Under the rule, due to come into effect next Tuesday, fully vaccinated people entering South Australia will still be subject to quarantine requirements if they come from a local government area where the vaccination rate is below 80 per cent.

The news sparked outrage from SA expats who live in central Melbourne and Sydney, as outdated pre-pandemic population data means vaccination rates for some inner-city areas are significantly under-reported, the Adelaide Advertiser reported.

“I live next door to students and there’s so many empty apartments – there’s been a mass exodus,” Alice Leake, 34, who lives in Melbourne City Council area, told the newspaper.

“A lot of people aren’t living here any more, you just have to look on to see how many apartments are for rent.”

Official double-vaccination rates for the Sydney and Melbourne CBDs are 73.2 per cent and 71.8 per cent respectively.

LGAs that are currently listed as below 80 per cent double vaxx

New South Wales

Edward River — 65.8 per cent

Sydney — 73.2 per cent

Byron — 78.7 per cent

Randwick — 78.9 per cent


Melbourne — 71.8 per cent

Yarra — 74.5 per cent

Port Phillip — 76.9 per cent

Darebin — 77.4 per cent

Moreland — 78.9 per cent

Stonnington — 79.4 per cent

Maribyrnong — 79.9 per cent

But South Australian government officials believe the actual rates are above 80 per cent, as the population data included a large number of foreign students who have since returned home.

In response to the backlash, travellers from Sydney and Melbourne have been assured that they would be allowed in and the data issues would be “resolved prior” to the borders reopening.

“Our information to date suggests that LGAs in Melbourne and Sydney have higher rates than reported by the Commonwealth government,” chief health officer Nicola Spurrier told the newspaper.

“This work will be finalised in the coming days and we look forward to updating the community then.”

In an opinion piece on Wednesday, Adelaide Advertiser digital editor Michael Owen-Brown said that wasn’t good enough, and that the “ludicrous” rule should be dumped.

“The bigger point here is that the 80 per cent LGA vaccination rate is illogical, confusing, ineffectual and dumb,” he wrote.

“I cannot see how it can be enforced fairly – how can someone from a country town with a 75 per cent vax rate pose more of a risk than someone living in a packed inner-city apartment block where the rate is 82 per cent?”

He added it made no sense, given people moved freely around LGAs.

“They seem to think every resident in Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane never crosses council lines,” he wrote.

“Never hops on a train to work. Never drives 15 minutes to the local Westfield. Never catches up with friends at a pub across town … People don’t just live in a bubble. Other cities aren’t in lockdown any more. Citizens move around – and you can catch Covid anywhere.”

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