HomeScary footage as waterfall cascades over road in Dorrigo, New South Wales

Scary footage as waterfall cascades over road in Dorrigo, New South Wales

Nail-biting footage has emerged of a waterfall cascading over a road in New South Wales as motorists try to pass by.

Scary footage has emerged of an engorged waterfall cascading across a mountain road as motorists risk their lives to pass by.

A thunderstorm yesterday afternoon caused heavy rainfall in Dorrigo, about 20km south-west of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.

The downpour caused Sherrard Falls to swell and begin gushing water over the road. Water from the falls is normally able to pass underneath the road.

“Take it easy on the mountain folks … just got through at 4:00 pm today,” one woman wrote alongside a video she posted of the waterfall cascading over the road on the Dorrigo Mountain Weather Watch Facebook page.

The footage shows her car approaching the section of road next to the raging waterfall and shallow water across the road as she passes by.

The spectacle was fortunately short-lived as other locals said they had been able to pass later without any issues.

Bureau of Meteorolgy NSW and ACT manager Agatha Imielska told the sudden swelling of water was caused by a thunderstorm that developed over Dorrigo around 3-4pm.

She said thunderstorms had been forecast for the Mid North Coast region and Dorrigo got 49mm of rain in a short space of time, creating havoc for motorists on Dorrigo Mountain at the time.

Most other areas in the region didn’t get much rainfall, with many getting less than 5mm.

Ms Imielska said thunderstorms did tend to be localised and could bring significant amounts of rain to a particular area.

“Today we have got a similar situation in the Mid North Coast region, with the chance of a shower and thunderstorm this afternoon and evening,” she said.

More rain is expected this weekend with significant falls forecast, beginning in the late afternoon or evening on Saturday.

“The main day will be Sunday,” Ms Imielska said.

She warned people to be careful.

“We saw in the video how quickly conditions can change and how dangerous this can make roads,” she said.

Coming into summer she said the region is expected to get more rain and there was a risk of flooding, particularly as soils are already quite wet from significant showers earlier this year.

She warned people to get their properties ready and to have a plan if there was flooding.

“The best time to prepare for a flood is when you’re not being flooded,” she said.

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