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Schoolies 2021: Covid graduates experts at following rules

On night one of Schoolies on the Gold Coast, revellers posed for photos with police, evangelists and paramedics showing just how good they are at following the rules.

A cohort of teenagers have had rules drummed into them the last 18-months and it showed during the first night of Schoolies celebrations on the Gold Coast.

Surfers Paradise was flooded with about 20,000 teenagers aged 17 or 18 on Saturday afternoon for the annual pilgrimage.

There was no official schoolies celebration on the coast last year due to the pandemic.

This year’s school leavers showed that the Covid shutdown taught them how to follow the rules.

A line of teenagers waiting for their schoolies wrist bands snaked through a side street.

Security guards stood staunchly outside bottle shops, pubs and clothing stores while the school leavers wandered by.

Christian evangelists handed out posters on the busy streets while others were preparing to walk the teenagers home. McDonald‘s on Cavill Ave, which was often the centre of chaos during a wild night at schoolies, had groups of police wandering by.

One 17-year-old boy was stopped by police while sitting by himself and ‘searched for a blade’.

He told that it was a fairly common occurrence.

“I was just sitting outside maccas on my phone and they came over and searched me. There are hundreds of other people on this street but I’m searched.”

The police officer who supervised the metal scan said that the young man had been sitting by himself and that is why he was searched.

Ailai Price, 17, and his mate Jacob Rogers, 17, told they wanted a chilled week.

“We just want to hang about and drink and meet girls,” Ailai said.

“It’s all been a bit hectic with this Covid stuff so we’re chill.”

The pairing both said they wanted to go “wherever the party is at” but explained they don’t want to drink too much or try drugs.

“Nah it’s shit if you’re real sloppy,” Jacob said.

“Drugs are suss. Like, I’m not about that life”.

Of the 20,000 schoolies attending this week more than 40 per cent are estimated to be aged over 18.

Clubs and pubs which have traditionally distanced themselves from the school-leavers are now opening their doors to the teenagers with drinks specials and other deals.

White Rhino Bar and Eats general manager Tyson Fabre said they were looking forward to having the younger crowd.

“Considering the recent border closures we have lost quite a lot of interstate tourism so we are needing a little bit of a kick before Christmas,” he said.


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