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Snapchat Cheating Clues- They’re Constantly On Snapchat

Snapchat is fun and all, but the only reason that you spend all of your time on it is if you are talking to someone, right? So if your partner has started to use Snapchat obsessively it might be for that exact reason. Some people just find themselves addicted to Snapchatting. So how are you supposed to tell if they are just riding out an obsession or if they are using it to have an affair? It gets a little tricky to tell, but it’s not entirely impossible by any means. All you have to do is pay attention and look for all of the clues! You won’t be able to tell by just using one or two of the clues we are laying out for you. You must be on the lookout for several of them.

A good way to separate an obsession with cheating is to pay attention to when your partner got obsessed with Snapchat cheating Were they always this into it or is it a fairly new thing? Did it just come out of nowhere? Because if so it might be because they just started talking to someone that they like.

 And Giggling And Smiling

And when they are on Snapchat are they always giggling and/or smiling, but fail to tell you what at? We all know that when someone you like is texting you that you tend to smile without even trying. So your partner might be doing just that. Smiling at someone they like is Snapchatting them. Otherwise, they better give you a good reason as to why they are in that constant state when they are using their Snaps.

They Never Snap You

How sad it would be for your partner to constantly be on Snapchat, but never send you any Snaps. You might notice they are always on their Snapchats but they fail to send you anything half of the time or they fail to put pictures or videos up on their stories. This is a major sign that something fishy is going on.

What else could they possibly be doing if they are on Snapchat that often? Let’s hope it’s not what we assume!


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