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Sunrise hosts baffled by 2020 word of the year

Sunrise hosts have been left baffled by the Australian Dictionary’s 2020 word of the year – with just one of the TV hosts knowing what it meant.

Sunrise hosts were left baffled by the Australian Dictonary Centre’s 2020 word of the year – with just one of the hosts knowing what it meant.

The organisation said the word ‘strollout’ was the word of the year for 2020.

The new term baffled TV host David Koch.

“I talk a lot, we talk for three hours each day here, and I don’t think I have ever used the word strollout or even heard it,” he said.

“So how did it go around the world as distinctly Australian if Australians haven’t heard it?”

Both Edwina Bartholomew Mark Beretta said they hadn’t heard the term.

But host Natalie Barr said she was aware of the word.

“I’ve heard it. It was definitely used when we weren’t getting as many vaccines out,” she said. I’ve never said it, but it was definitely used.”

The term was coined by ACTU boss Sally McManus who used the word to describe Australia’s Covid vaccine rollout in a tweet.

Twitter users were quick to praise the word.

“Strollout is a crack-up name for it,” one said.

“Thanks for the laugh first thing this morning – it’s spot on,” another added.

The term is defined as “the slow implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination program in Australia”.

It was picked up by plenty who opposed the Morrison government’s vaccine rollout.

Former Labor leader Bill Shorten used a similar line to attack the government saying the vaccination program had “been more strollout than rollout out”.

Meanwhile, ABC radio host Richard Glover took the phrase internationally.

A piece he wrote for The Washington Post was headlined ‘Australia’s vaccine strollout shows the dangers of Covid complacency’.

Other words on the shortlist – which will be considered for the 2023 edition of the Australian National Dictionary include; double-vaxxed, Clayton’s lockdown, Fortress Australia, AUKUS and net zero.


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