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Sydney Bondi pizza shop hit by streaker on weekend

Disturbing footage has surfaced from the weekend showing an unruly streaker creating a huge mess inside a pizza shop in Sydney.

An unruly streaker has sparked outrage after he was filmed causing chaos inside a popular pizza store.

Dressed in nothing but a pair of tight white underwear, the individual was filmed running into Pizzaiola, in Sydney’s inner eastern suburb of Bondi, over the weekend.

He jogged past customers waiting outside before approaching several towers of stacked empty pizza boxes and smacking them across the shop floor.

The mullet-wearing scoundrel trotted back out the store before turning back and flashing employees the middle finger.

Video taken from a home across the street showed the man keep a firm grip on the front side of his underwear while dashing his way down the street, away from the business.

His accomplice met him part-way down the road and the pair sprinted away to avoid getting caught.

An older man, believed to be from the pizza shop, briefly chased after them but gave up when he realised he had no chance of catching up to them.

“Oh no, that was mean,” the voices of several men could be heard saying in footage, shared to a local community group on Facebook.

After the bizarre ordeal, a group of women inside the pizza shop began collecting the pizza boxes off the floor and restacking them.

Several members of the community were left furious after seeing the video on social media.

“What the f*** is wrong with people?” one person wrote in a comment.

“Some people are just idiots and can’t be helped,” another said.

“Why did this person do this? That bloke who owns the pizza shop is lovely,” a third wrote.

Someone else praised the women who stepped in to help afterwards.

“Cheers to the girls helping picking up the boxes,” they wrote.

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