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Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide weather: Forecast for new intense rain event

Already sodden areas of Australia are set to get even wetter as a fresh rain event brews, bringing heavy falls to five capitals.

Just as the skies were beginning to clear, forecasters have warned another intense rain event is bubbling up which could pile more misery onto already flooded or flood-prone parts of southern Australia.

A low pressure system is set to intensify with heavy falls due particularly across Victoria and New South Wales on the weekend.

Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart could see around 25mm of rain on Saturday and Sunday, and Canberra even more.

But for the Top End, it’s going to be heatwave conditions with the mercury powering past 40C.

The next couple of days should be fairly clear across the country’s south east. That will at least mean that rain won’t be topping up already swollen rivers. Although there’s plenty of water about already from the last rain event. The Lachlan River has already burst its banks and areas around Forbes are being evacuated.

However, it won’t be a long respite – the rain is on its way back.

“We’ve got a few showers starting to develop late on Thursday for south eastern states then across Victoria and Tasmania. But all in all, it seems like light to moderate rain,” Sky News Weather meteorologist Rob Sharpe said.

“But then the next rain event is on the way straight behind with a lot more wet weather.

A low pressure trough is set to head east from Western Australia. Ahead of it, in the coming days, temperatures will rise in the eastern states. The system will then intensify and when the trough pushes through, it will deliver all that fresh moisture.

“Saturday and Sunday is where we’ll see the heaviest rainfall moving through the southeast of the country, with further flooding unfortunately on the cards in parts of this region,” said Mr Sharpe.

Widespread falls of 20-25mm are likely with more in the gauge elsewhere. The system is still a few days out though so the forecast may firm up closer to the weekend.

Five capitals could be hit by heavy rain

The chilly conditions in the south, that saw snowfall to sea level in Hobart, are dissipating.

Tuesday and Wednesday should be dry in Tasmania with today’s 14C high reaching 17-18C on Wednesday where it should remain for the week. Lows of 7-9C are likely.

Up to 8mm of rain could fall on Thursday. Then just a few spots until Sunday when as much as 15mm could fall with another 8mm on Monday.

Adelaide will reach 19C today and then shoot up to 28C by Thursday. A low of 11C on Wednesday morning will rise to 19C by Thursday during a mostly dry week.

But the rain is coming and should arrive on Saturday with 8-20mm and a top up on Sunday.

Dry in Melbourne until Thursday when 3-8mm could come down. Then a break on Friday, but Saturday could see as much as 10mm and Sunday 25mm of moisture.

Temperatures will peak at 16C on Tuesday but reach 25C on Thursday ahead of that low, then dropping to 18C. Overnight lows will hang around 10C.

Canberra is looking at a 17C high on Tuesday and 23C on Wednesday where it should stay put with minimums heading up too – from a midweek 4C low to 12C on Friday.

Little in the way of rain for the capital until Friday which will see a few showers then up to 8mm on Saturday and 15-30mm on a soggy Sunday.

Put the washing out to dry during the working week in Sydney as you may not get a chance on the weekend. Rain around the 5mm mark for Friday and Saturday but then as much as 20mm on Sunday and some more showers for Monday.

A pleasant 22C in the Harbour City on Tuesday but then touching 30C on a warm Friday as the low pressure system approaches. Temperatures will head down to the mid-20s for the weekend. Mostly mid-teen minimums but a low of 19C on Sunday morning.

Spring sunshine for Brisbane with 30C highs to begin the week and then down to 26C on Wednesday and Thursday. By Saturday it will heat up to 31C. Mostly dry but a shower could sweep through on the weekend but not as heavy as further south. Minimums will be between 17-23C.

Heat for WA and NT

Western Australia will have a pleasant run this week. Perth will top out at 26C on Tuesday which will set the tone for the coming days with mid-teen dawn minimums. Light showers could make an appearance later in the week.

The Northern Territory and parts of northern WA will be blistering this week as a heatwave settles in.

Darwin will see a string of 37C days this week, only dipping to 36C as the weekend nears. Minimums of 27C can be expected. Showers and thunderstorms are possible later in the week.

A low intensity heatwave is already over Darwin and that will grow into extreme heatwave conditions just south of the city. The heatwave could spread as far as Broome in WA which will see 35C highs.

But you have to go slightly inland in the north to really max out the mercury.

Katherine is looking at highs of 42C from Thursday onwards with Tennant Creek also hitting 42C on Saturday and close to that on Thursday.


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