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Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra weather: ‘Significant storm event’ set to ruin weekend

There could be a few rumbles of thunder today but that’s a side show compared to the weekend when a fierce and unpredictable weather system is due to hit.

A “significant storm event” is set to roll across Australia’s east in the coming days, forecasters have warned, as a rain band zeros on NSW and parts of South Australia and Victoria.

It’s likely to see gauges topped up with 50mm of rain across a wide area perhaps over 100mm in some places. Much of that will be end up in rivers that have already flooded following last week’s rain event.

Although where the lion’s share of that rain will fall will depend on the eventual position of the highly active, and somewhat unpredictable, low pressure system.

That weather event will be preceded by some rain and storms on Thursday – but that’s just the starter to get you in the mood for the main course set to hit this weekend.

Meanwhile, oppressive heatwave conditions continue to punish the Top End.

“A low pressure system sweeping through South Australia will reach western Victoria by around the middle of the day,” said Sky News Weather meteorologist Alison Osborne.

“However, in its wake, there’s still a few showers stretching across the pastoral districts in South Australia.”

Steady showers across Tasmania and eastern Victoria are in store for Thursday with some sweeping into southern New South Wales.

Spike in temperatures won’t last

Thursday will see a spike in temperatures across the south and east but the mercury will drop as we head into Friday, many places seeing lows of below 20C.

After a warm Thursday that change should reach Sydney on Friday afternoon, possibly in the form of an abrupt southerly buster.

“The atmosphere is primed for storms across north eastern New South Wales and south eastern in Queensland. They’ll flash up like oil in the pan from morning into the afternoon,” said Ms Osborne of conditions to end the week.

‘Significant storm event’ incoming

But a bigger system is waiting in the wings for the weekend.

“There’s plenty of shower and storm activity bubbling away in Western Australia that is heralding our next significant storm event,” she said.

“Widespread showers and storms today and tomorrow across WA and that will feed into a rain band through South Australia during Saturday.

“A deepening low pressure system will spiral through NSW generating heavy rainfall and potential flash flooding on Sunday.

“The heaviest rain will be highly dependent on the position and movement of that low but there is the risk of further flooding as we head into next week.”

A high of 29C in a windy Adelaide on Thursday falling to the low 20s on Friday and into the weekend.

Rain beginning on Friday and then as much as 25mm on a sodden Saturday.

Showers, mostly light, in Melbourne from Thursday until Saturday. A warm maximum of 25C on Thursday but that will head down to the high teens on Friday where it will remain for the next few days with overnight minimums of around 10C.

Heaviest falls will be on Sunday with 6-20mm coming down.

The further east you go the wetter it will get with Bairnsdale expecting as much as 35mm on Sunday.

Highs in Hobart will bounce around the high teens for the next week and dip to 9C at dawn. Rain up to 10mm will fall on Friday and then the risk of lighter falls throughout the weekend.

Canberra, along with much of southern NSW, will see much wetter conditions. A sunny 23C on Thursday will give way to a few downfalls and a possible rumble of thunder on Thursday. But Saturday could see up to 20mm and a storm and then 25-40mm on a very soggy Sunday.

Up to 100mm of rain in parts of NSW

A couple of warm days to end the week in Sydney reaching 28C on Friday. That cool change could push through on Friday evening.

Temperatures will then head down to a maximum of 22C on Saturday with 5-10mm of rain. Sunday will be the really wet day, with up to 35mm pouring down and a top up on Monday too.

South eastern areas of NSW, such as Merimbula, can expect to see between 40 and 100mm of rain between Saturday and Monday. But downpours can be expected just about anywhere in the state from Wagga Wagga to flooded Forbes to Coffs Harbour and Tamworth.

Mostly settled in Brisbane with a high of 26C today and then heading to 21C on Saturday with warm nights bottoming out at around 19C. Thunderstorms are possible across the south east Queensland region.

Darwin’s heatwave continues with a string of 35C days and possible short showers and thunderstorms. Just down the road in Katherine, away from those sea breezes, the mercury will top out at 41-42C every day for the next week.

All the drama elsewhere isn’t ruffling Perth however. Sunny days reaching the mid-twenties are in order with minimums in the low teens and barely a spot of rain.

Hot in Broome though with sunny 35C days on repeat. Kalgoorlie could see a few showers on Thursday and Friday as the rain band heading east for the weekend passes over the town.


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