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Victoria records 1923 new local Covid-19 cases, 25 deaths

A strict new rule is being introduced to stop unvaccinated Victorians shopping around for medical exemptions.

Some unvaccinated Victorians are hopping between clinics in a cheeky attempt to get a medical exemption for the Covid-19 jab, state health officials have warned.

Deputy chief health officer professor Ben Cowie said the trend had prompted a new rule to weed out the clinic shoppers.

“Some GPs have faced quite significant pressure from some people who don’t want to get the vaccine for other reasons beyond those limited exemptions,” he told reporters on Thursday.

“And we have heard of reports of people travelling from clinic to clinic seeking those exemptions.”

Victorians exempted from getting the Covid-19 vaccination will – from 6pm on Friday – require a certificate from the Australian Immunisation Register in a bid to stop clinic shoppers who were refusing to be vaccinated.

The directions will mean an official form will be used to provide patients’ proof of medical exemption to any vaccination requirements in Victoria.

It can then be accessed through myGov, just like vaccination certificates.

“For people who currently have an exemption letter that is not the Australian Immunisation Register form, such as a standard letter or certificate from their GP, they will need to return to their medical practitioner so that the AIR form can be submitted, and this will need to occur November 12,” Professor Cowie said.

“Up until that date, they can continue to use their doctor‘s certificate or letter as they are now.”

Victoria recorded 1923 new locally acquired coronavirus infections and 25 deaths on the eve of when more restrictions will ease.

It’s the highest daily death toll of the current outbreak, nearing daily fatality figures during last year’s deadly second wave.

About 91.1 per cent of Victorians older than 16 had received one jab of the Covid-19 vaccine, while 77 per cent were fully vaccinated.

Victorian Covid-19 response commander Jeroen Weimar has urged just under 500,000 Victorians – yet to receive their first jab – to come forward for the vaccine.

He said they were in “real danger of being left behind” as the state reopened.

Mr Weimar also mentioned the number of daily administered doses were starting to fall, but that was to be expected with 76 per cent of Victorians aged above 16 fully vaccinated.

“It is not unusual and it is what we projected in terms of the number of people still to come forward but we still have literally hundred of thousand of Victorians who are eligible,” he said on Wednesday.

“Just under half a million who have not had their first dose and they are from real danger of being left behind.

“I encourage and implore anybody who has not made up their mind about being vaccinated please come forward and get it done.

“Talk to your GP, pharmacist, talk to us, talk to your friend and look at the things that are going to open up in the weeks ahead and come and join us in the world.”

A new raft of freedoms will be triggered on Friday at 6pm, when it is expected 80 per cent of Victoria’s eligible population will have had their second dose.

State-wide travel will resume, as well as indoor dining, and the reopening of the retail industry.

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