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Video: Brisbane man clocks 24 hours of arcade classic Donkey Kong to raise money for Headspace

Watch the moment Brisbane man Aaron Raynor slumps with relief when his charity Donkey Kong marathon comes to an end.

Dr Aaron Raynor’s hands fly up in frustration as he is bested, not for the first time that morning, by a gargantuan 8-bit ape.

There’s a few people around the console now, egging Raynor on as he again manoeuvres his hammer-wielding worker over barrels and up ladders towards the giant monkey and his damsel in distress.

“You mongrel, far out!” the Brisbane man yells, rubbing his face and flexing his hands, ready to go again.

In truth, it’s a fairly unremarkable passage of play in the 1981 arcade classic Donkey Kong.

Except for one thing: Raynor has been going for 23 hours and 55 minutes straight.

Fuelled on hummus, crackers, bananas and beer, the Irish-born Queenslander at 10am on Tuesday clocked an entire day of Donkey Kong in the name of charity.

The 32-year-old dad raised more than $7300 for national youth mental health foundation Headspace in a marathon overnight Kong-o-Thon effort at Fortitude Valley arcade bar Netherworld.

When the clock hit 24 hours, Raynor finished his frame and slumped to the ground in relief.

His wrists were sore and he was in dire need of a beer.

“I knew I could stay awake, it was more about if my body could handle it,” he tells NCA Newswire.

“I was also a little bit worried I’d get fed up with the game.”

Naylor is candid about his own mental health history – including a particularly dark time in the past when he thought about suicide.

But the Chemistry PhD and Netherworld regular has worked hard and come a long way, and is a strident advocate for speaking up about your struggles.

On Tuesday an exhausted Raynor said he was just happy to be able to support a cause that supports others.

He’s also no stranger to Donkey Kong, with a quirk of currency in part to thank for his prowess.

Raynor says he began playing the game as a kid back in his native Ireland, when the Irish pound was swapped out for the Euro.

“The 20 pence Irish piece was about the same size as the two Euro coin, so we hoarded the pence and got loads of credit,” he says.

The 2007 competitive video gaming documentary King Of Kong also helped reignite his interest in the game years later.

Incidentally, one of the central figures of that film – the long-time Donkey Kong high score holder Billy Mitchell – tuned in to Raynor’s live stream on Tuesday to offer his support.

Raynor says there were times during the marathon session when he wasn’t sure he was going to make it.

“The hardest part was about 3am,” he says.

“You get these few seconds at the end of each frame and I found myself shutting my eyes for a bit.”

In the end, he got through and even managed to set a couple of personal best scores.

“I might give it a bit before I play it again,” he says.

“Maybe four days or so.”

  • Check out the work of Headspace and how you can get involved here.
  • Lifeline Crisis Support on 13 11 14 (24 hours/7 days)
  • Online chat www.lifeline.org.au (7pm – midnight)
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