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WA Police seek information about man spotted on bonnet of speeding vehicle

Police in Western Australia are seeking more information about a ute that was spotted going at high speed – with a man spread across its bonnet.

A man in Western Australia is wanted by police after he was spotted drinking a beer while lying on the bonnet of a Ford ute travelling at 119km per hour.

The vehicle was detected going 19km/h above the speed limit by a speed camera on Indian Ocean Drive, Gabbadah – a coastal suburb located 82km north of Perth.

“State Traffic officers are seeking information regarding a Ford utility which was detected by a speed camera on Indian Ocean Drive, Gabbadah on Saturday 23 October 2021 travelling at 119km/h with a person riding on the bonnet of the vehicle,” the Western Australia Police Force said.

“The Ford ute was displaying Victorian registration ‘ZKG 264’, number plates that belong to a different make and model vehicle.”

Police also issued a plea for anyone who sees this vehicle to call police on 131 444, or to get in contact with Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Commenting on the post, Facebook users responded with a combination of complete bewilderment and concern.

“Reason why the WA border is closed … keep it closed,” wrote one commenter.

“Maybe try looking in hospital,” wrote another Facebook user.

“I cannot comprehend some people’s stupidity. What goes through your mind at that moment?” read another.

A former ambulance driver, who said she’s tended to an accident where someone did the same thing “and came off” the bonnet, said the stunt was “not funny”.

“They did survive, but only because the volunteer ambulance officers were highly trained and knew what to do,” she said. “Otherwise this fool would have died.”

“It’s not funny, it is heartbreaking for everyone who has to clean up the mess.”

The 269km stretch of road from Perth to Geraldton offers some of the best views of the Indian Ocean, however it’s also prompted several safety concerns for its high crash statistics. The ABC found that between 2014 and 2019, there were at least nine fatalities, with 41 people taken to hospital due to crashes on the road.

The biggest culprits are from tourists who fail to adhere to road rules, like speeding, using mobile phones or not properly concentrating while driving.

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