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Wiliam Tyrell: Heartbreaking photos show extent of William Tyrell search

Senior police searching for William Tyrrell have unearthed various items during a bush dig for the missing toddler.

New photos of the search for William Tyrell have revealed police combing through mounds of evidence.

Hundreds of police officers have descended on the small town of Kendall, NSW, as the search effort surrounding the missing boy enters its second week.

Massive amounts of evidence have been collected by investigators since the search for the boy was renewed, with the focus centring on the house and nearby bushland where the three year-old was last seen seven years ago.

Police on Monday were captured with chainsaws and a cadaver dog, combing through tonnes of soil in muddy bushland south of the town.

An excavator was also used to dig a large hole in a yard near to the bushland, with police set to sift through each scoop of dirt.

A cadaver dog was also brought to the scene to help with the search.

William vanished from his foster grandmother’s home in Kendall on September 14, 2014, with the boy last seen playing with his sister while wearing a Spider-Man outfit.

Police have been combing through mounds of soil since last week to send back to a lab for forensic testing.

Rain has slowed the operation down for investigators, but small pieces of evidence have piqued police interest, with detectives placing a yellow exhibit on Monday next to a red-brown string.

An hour later, officers scraping through the dirt downed their tools and marched further into the dense bush clearing out debris for what will become the next part of the dig.

While investigators initially said the search would only take two weeks, it may now stretch out for months.

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