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William Tyrrell: Criminologist says she has never been suspicious of the little boy’s foster mum

A criminologist who has closely followed the William Tyrrell case said she has never viewed the little boy’s foster mother as “suspicious”.

A criminologist who has closely followed the disappearance of William Tyrrell says she believes that police are focusing on the wrong person after naming his foster mother as a person of interest.

Dr Xanthe Mallett, Criminologist at University of Newcastle and author of the book Mothers Who Murder, told The Project that she had poured over testimony and victim impact statements during the coronial inquest and believes William’s foster mum to be credible.

“I have never seen anything that has made me at all suspicious,” she said. “I have to say nothing has ever made me suspicious that she had any involvement at all”.

Dr Mallett said as police comb through evidence around Kendall, where William was last seen, she was confident that if he is there the little boy will be found.

“If William is in one of those three locations that are being searched outside of Kendall over the coming days and weeks that they will find his remains,” she said. “I am confident that if William is there they are going to find him”.

The comments came after NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller confirmed that the only person being looked at now as a person of interest is William’s foster mum.

Detectives are investigating whether William fatally fell from the second-storey balcony of his foster grandmother’s home and have spent the week digging up and sifting through the dirt of the garden below.

Police are also investigating whether a Mazda 3 seized in southern Sydney which previously belonged to the foster grandmother may have been used to transport William’s body to nearby bushland.

Australian Federal Police specialists are examining a concrete slab laid on the property after William’s disappearance with a ground-penetrating radar.

Former homicide Detective Gary Jubelin who led the search for William also said there was nothing to make him suspect William’s foster parents had anything to do with his disappearance.

Mr Jubelin has revealed that he interrogated the missing boy’s foster parents and bugged their car to listen in on their conversations before they were ruled out as suspects.

William was three when he vanished from his foster grandmother’s home in Kendall, on the NSW mid-north coast, in 2014.

Mr Jubelin headed the investigation for more than four years from early 2015 until 2019 when he was stood down as the head of Strike Force Rosann not long before he left the NSW Police Force.

He was convicted in April last year of making four illegal recordings of interviews with a person of interest in the case and fined $10,000.

William’s foster mother denies any involvement

William’s foster mum – who cannot be named due to legal restrictions – has strongly denied having anything to do with his disappearance.

“We have nothing to hide. We gave them everything. They took our laptops,’’ the foster mother said.

William foster mother is a wealthy professional from Sydney’s north shore. She is now 56 years old.

On the day that William went missing she was visiting the home of her mother in Kendall, NSW, when William suddenly disappeared in the middle of a game.

Being a person of interest does not necessarily suggest William’s foster mother is a suspect.

The foster mother has not been arrested or charged in relation to William’s disappearance.


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