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William Tyrrell latest: What police are looking for as search enters second week

Fresh images have emerged in the desperate search for William Tyrrell’s remains. Here’s the latest on the case.

Fresh images have emerged from the desperate search to find William Tyrrell’s remains with a police combing the area for evidence.

The search for William is now in its second week with AFP officers, NSW Police and other specialist investigators inspecting a patch of land close to where the missing boy was last seen.

New images surfaced on Tuesday which showed a police officer carrying a yellow plastic bag splashed with the words “hazardous waste”.

It is unclear what is inside the bag but it was collected from Kendall, the regional town where William vanished.

Earlier on Tuesday former detective and criminologist Terry Goldsworthy said police were searching for items such as bone fragments or the teeth of a young child.

He was questioned on Sunrise after the police minister hinted at new evidence.

“There is material there. We have seen the material released by the police and they have an electronic sifter that makes (processing) it faster,” Dr Goldsworthy said.

“They have extra help like a forensic archaeologist and a hydrologist but it will still take a lot of time.

“They are searching for bone fragments or the teeth of a young child. Those items are quite small.

“It would be very draining to be constantly vigilant to ensure you don’t miss a crucial bit of evidence that may be contained in the material (soil etc). It will be a very slow and thorough (process) to move through all that.”

William was three years old when he disappeared in 2014 while playing with his five-year-old sister in the front yard of his foster grandmother’s home in Kendall, on the NSW mid-north coast.

There’s been no trace of him since but images of the youngster, wearing his famous Spider-Man suit, were circulated across Australia.

William’s disappearance prompted one of the largest police investigations in Australian history.

Speaking to Sunrise on Tuesday, Police Minister David Elliott hinted at a new lead.

“They (detectives) wouldn’t be there unless they thought there were new and fresh leads,” he said.

“That is the expectation for the people of NSW, and for Australia, that police go to the final degree.

“They don’t stop until they know that every opportunity of finding evidence is exhausted.”

Two weeks ago police revealed they would return to Kendall to search three key area of interest.

They have uncovered various items, including pieces of fabric, which will undergo forensic examination.

The search was expected to last three weeks, but NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller told the ABC on Monday that investigators would continue searching the area until they “believe the job is done”.

Tonnes of soil and other pieces of evidence have been taken from the search site which could take “weeks and weeks” to search through, Commissioner Fuller said.

Police first searched William’s foster grandmother’s home, including under the balcony, as they probed a theory that William may have fallen to his death.

They have since moved to an area of bushland just under one kilometre away.

William’s foster partners are scheduled to appear in Hornsby Local Court on Tuesday, charged with one count each of common assault of a child.

The child’s identity, and theirs, is protected by the courts. The alleged assault relates to a different child, not William.


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